• Bhumika Shrestha and Nepal’s ‘third gender’ movement

    Nepal is one of the most forward-thinking countries in the world for rights for transgender people.

    Wages of the world – popular destinations for popular jobs

    Ever wondered about ditching your job for a different one, spurred on by a desperate need for a change of scene?


    Vada Magazine is recruiting advertising sales reps with competitive rates of commission. We’re also open for submissions.

    Gay imam helps young LGBT Muslims

    Ludovic-Mohamed Zahed is an imam born in Algeria who now works in Marseille and runs an association of French Muslims and LGBT people.

    Debbie Allen: The next Kim Davis?

    West Virginia deputy clerk Debbie Allen told a same sex couple that their marriage was an ‘abomination’.

    Interview: Stephen Laughton

    We interview the playwright behind new LGBT-themed play Run, Stephen Laughton.

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    Indonesia blocks same-sex emojis

    The Indonesian government has asked messaging apps and social media platforms to drop LGBT-themed emojis and stickers.

    grindr headline

    How to avoid dating app bots

    Tired of dating apps infested with bots? Check out these great tips on how to recognise them!

    100 wardour st anti valentine's day

    Anti-Valentine’s Day at 100 Wardour Street

    Forget romance and enjoy an Anti-Valentine’s Day bottomless brunch at 100 Wardour Street.

    Sega Sammy Holdings Inc has announced that it will make a Sonic the Hedgehog movie for release in 2018.

    John Preston reviews Amanda Palmer and Jherek Bischoff’s sincere and powerful orchestral tribute to David Bowie.

    Nine love letters to some of the most beloved places in the world.

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    He flirts with Thor, Spider-Man and unicorns, but is his roving eye for real?

    Scott McMullon is loving his time in the Wyoming wilderness as he gets lost with Camp Santo’s debut title, Firewatch.

    Around the world clinics offer to ‘cure’ vulnerable people. How are activists planning to stop them?

    Take a look inside Cafe t’Mandje, the oldest LGBT bar in Amsterdam.

    Try making these delicious and versatile profiteroles for Valentine’s Day.