Doctor Who – Under the Lake – Review

Barry Quinn reviews the latest episode of Doctor Who: ‘Under the Lake’.

Why you should be watching… Scream Queens

Tom Chapman tells you why you NEED to watch Ryan Murphy’s latest brainchild, Scream Queens.

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Manchester’s House of the Dead!

Vada headed to Manchester’s brand new interactive horror experience.

Until Dawn – Review

Until Dawn may be the closest you ever get to being part of your own slasher film. A must have Playstation 4 exclusive for horror fans.

Chvrches – Every Open Eye – Album review

Chvrches’ second album is a nuanced blast of electronic perfection.

  • alexx desley headline

    Alexx Desley: An interview

    Alexx Desley tells us why he’s a terrible bottom and just how far he’d go in bed.

    National Champagne Week

    National Champagne Week: 1-7 October

    Indulge in a champagne cocktail during National Champagne Week: 1-7 October.

    house of the dead headline

    House of the Dead, Manchester – Preview

    This Saturday, Manchester gets prepared for Halloween as House of the Dead opens at the Great Northern Warehouse.

    Reggie provides us with some films and documentaries to watch about Stonewall, regardless of whether you plan to go see the movie.

    Turns out crossing the Thames by water is pretty romantic, after all. Or at least it is staying somewhere like this…

    A police officer who protected a gay man from being attacked by an angry mob is being praised for protecting LGBT citizens.

    Is bigorexia putting pressure on us to become bigger and bigger?

    John Preston goes hell for leather with Rien by Etat Libre d’Orange.

    Barry Quinn is pleasantly surprised by the revival of Heroes. He reviews Brave New World and Odessa, the opening two episodes of Heroes Reborn.

    A judge has ruled that the Maryland prison system to promote better training for handling transgender prisoners.

    The Witch’s Familiar is a stunning followup to last weeks sensational opener. Barry Quinn reviews the latest episode of Doctor Who.

    Tim Firmager checks into The Royal Adelaide for a night in Windsor.