Drag Brunch Cunard House Signature Living Liverpool Pride

Drag Brunch at Cunard House, Liverpool Pride

As part of Liverpool Pride, Cunard House in Liverpool is opening its doors on 29th July for a Drag Brunch serving up tuck shop realness.

Adidas takes pride in the Samba

Alex Vergette takes a look at the gorgeous new Adidas Samba shoes being exhibited and then auctioned to raise money for the Albert Kennedy Trust.

Album review: Lily Allen – No Shame

No Shame, Lily Allen’s fourth album, opens with the following line, ‘Yeah I’m a bad mother, I’m a bad wife, you saw it on the socials, you read it online’. This is the kind of no-filter, post-Heat magazine celebrity culture confessional that we used to hearing from this massively successful and influential singer. Maybe the […]

Mamma Mia Brunch 100 Wardour St London

Mamma Mia Brunch at 100 Wardour St, London

How can you make brunch more fabulous, with a Mamma Mia theme, at 100 Wardour St in London’s Soho.

oslo hackney

review: Nordic twist menu at Oslo, Hackney – London

Tim Firmager adventures into Hackney to try out the new British menu with Nordic twists from restaurant, bar and live music venue, Oslo.

Skylight rooftop london summer

review: Skylight the summer season

By on 16 June, 2018

Vada Magazine checks out Skylight at Tobacco dock, for their summer season, with three floors of bars, a lawn club setting with games, street food and live entertainment.

pride boxing 2018 pride in London

Pride in London – Pride Boxing 2018

By on 14 June, 2018

Pride Boxing is asking the LGBT community to try amateur boxing and compete in a unique sporting fundraiser event for Pride in London.

Poppies Soho Monthly Drag Nights Timberlina

Poppies Soho Monthly Drag Nights with Timberlina

Poppies Fish and Chips of Soho has launched a monthly Drag Night, with ecologically minded drag queen Timberlina being the act later in June

5 tips for a mature, adult break-up

5 tips for a mature, adult break-up

All relationships have their ups and downs, and some unfortunately end with a break-up. Life coach, Carole Ann Rice provides 5 tips for breaking up maturely, as an adult

LGBT Travel Guide Phuket

LGBT Travel Guide Phuket

Tim Firmager heads to Thailand’s Phuket region to explore LGBT-friendly accommodation options from budget to ultra-luxury for our LGBT Travel Guide to Phuket, Thailand

Just Love: Book review and Didsbury launch

By on 6 June, 2018

Philip Baldwin writes about the much anticipated autobiography by Jayne Ozanne, the leading gay evangelical Christian.

4 Things You Need To Stop Expecting From Others

Expectation can lead to disappointment, especially when you expect too much. Here we suggest four life hacks to become more empathetic and better handle those times when things don’t work out the way we’d like.

Review: Wahaca, Corn Exchange, Manchester

We experience a Mexican fiesta at Wahaca in Manchester!