Stay. Play. Be Gay at myhotel Brighton with 210th

myhotel Brighton launches a special LGBT-themed erotic package in time for Pride.

MJ’s top 4 products for looking and feeling good

From joints to shiny faces, from vitamin supplements to teeth whiteners, MJ gives us his lowdown on the top products for your summer.

Submit to Vada Magazine

Ever fancied getting your work published? Then look no further – we’re open for submissions.

Ant-Man – Review

Barry Quinn reviews Ant-Man – and he has mixed feelings about it.

#WATCH: The Leftovers – Season Two Teaser

Catch the first teaser for the second season of The Leftovers – and read Barry Quinn’s theory.

Orange is the New Black Season Three

Jake Basford talks about the new series of ‘Orange is the New Black’, but beware – spoilers abound!

  • weekly fumes headline

    Weekly Fumes: Comme des Garçons Eau de Parfum

    Weekly Fumes introduces committed perfumista John Preston’s thoughts on some of the most interesting scents out there.


    Forever Living – Clean 9: My before and after story

    Craig Lomas talks us through his experience on the Clean 9 programme.

    Trailer.Still002 - Copy

    #WATCH: The Gay Word – Documentary trailer

    Is it right to use the word ‘gay’ to mean bad?

    Have you been ummming and ahhhing as to whether to watch Sense8 or not? Here is why Jake Basford recommends it as mandatory viewing for all humans.

    Have you played the new Batman game, ‘Arkham Knight’? Cos there is really no good excuse left…

    Looking for a domestic security system? Look no further than the Y-cam – a simple home monitoring system with awesome capabilities.

    ‘Honeymoon’ suffers from a lack of structure and form.

    Adam Lowe investigates the travesty of the dino porno – and wonders, why are we so horny for all things scaly?

    Alex takes a look at the Labour leadership contest and the infighting on display.

    Adam Lowe talks LGBT-friendly holidays in Sweden, Croatia, Slovenia and America.

    We get a glimpse into the swamp of cliches that is Lake Placid vs. Anaconda.

    Tove Stryke’s assured second album ‘Kiddo’ is a pop gem that has ingenuity and attitude to spare.