Mississippi man reports sexually abusive Christian ‘gay cure’

Jeff White has filed charges against a Baptist teacher for sexual abuse

NIH studies LGBT+ weight struggles

The National Institute of Health is studying how sexual minorities struggle with weight

Auntie Vada needs you!

As Vada grows, Editor-in-Chief Scott McMullon is looking for new blood. Writers, editors and reviewers welcome.

Music news round up – 1 September 2014

Taylor Swift may join The Voice and rappers come out in force to support Ferguson

Binge TV: Torchwood

Torchwood came, it peaked, and then it died a slow death

The Walking Dead to introduce gay character

The fifth season will reportedly introduce the show’s first gay male character

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    Guardians of the Galaxy – Review

    Our own Koby Levi gives us his thoughts on the blockbuster movie Guardians of the Galaxy


    Artist Mischa Badasyan will have sex with 365 men

    Reggie questions the motives behind a new performance art piece by Mischa Badasyan


    Fayetteville passes non-discrimination ordinance

    The ordinance will go into effect on 20 September, 2014.

    Men stand accused of attempting to blackmail older members

    Matthew Hoy meets FoxxJazell and talks about her latest single Motorcycle

    TV Editor Barry Quinn delves into the latest episode of Doctor Who, Into The Dalek. A classic in the making.

    Guest writer Graham Kirby explores the world of cottaging.

    Karl Jager gives you his dry-wit take on the return of The X-Factor. The staples are all present and correct: a sob story, Dermot’s bulge, and ‘banter’.

    Ofcom won’t investigate the recent same-sex kiss featured in Doctor Who

    Our juvenile scale of masculinity encourages self-hatred, argues Jäger

    Brett and Matthew fight the reality of deportation