Uganda Anti-Homosexuality Law Struck Down

Ugandan Court declares Anti-Homosexuality Bill null and void

Katy Perry releases new music video

Katy Perry releases the video for her newest single ‘This is How We Do’

Auntie Vada needs you!

As Vada grows, Editor-in-Chief Scott McMullon is looking for new blood. Writers, editors and reviewers welcome.

LGBT+ rights: Marriage is only the beginning

James Patrick Carraghan looks at where we are in the struggle for liberation

Are we ready for a queer Dalek? (Part 2)

Apparently the world was ready for gay Daleks, and we’ve found them!

Hercules and Love Affair on the word ‘cunt’

Hercules and Love Affair launch the music video for ‘My Offence’, and reclaim a very controversial word.

  • Mugisha - Headline

    Protestors in Uganda attempt to overturn homophobic law

    Today protestors in Uganda attempt to help overturn a law which means life imprisonment for LGBT+ people


    Pixie Lott and Amelia Lily added to Manchester Pride lineup

    Manchester Pride just got a whole lot more exciting with a variety of new acts announced this morning.

    Rüzgar Erkoçlar headline

    Rüzgar Erkoçlar and the draft: the problem with ‘vulnerability’

    Adam Lowe discusses why the draft sucks, and why patronising trans men helps no one

    You’re invited to the Young Enigma Awards, celebrating the LGBT+ voices of tomorrow

    Matthew Hoy, a frequent contributor to Vada Magazine, gives us five of his favorite songs right now.

    Holy Trannity kicks off tomorrow night with RuPaul’s Drag Race star Willam Belli

    Former health secretary says gay clergy have the right to marry same sex partners.

    Can you pray the gay away? Young poet Thomas Hill answers.

    While our competition has been running, Geek Editor Jake Basford has been testing the Kraken Pro Neon from Razer.

    As we get ready to welcome a new Doctor we spotted this wonderful pride-themed Dalek

    Simon Blish provides a quick rundown of the major types of online gaming

    Scott McMullon catches a glimpse of the Karbonn A50S, an Indian made device which promises to be a low cost smartphone