What’s On Your Playlist 22/01/2018

John Preston’s weekly playlist is all your ears will ever need…

What’s On Your Playlist: John Preston’s first 5 for 2018

In the aftermath of Christmas, January can be a slow month for music but this hasn’t stopped the very strong batch of new tunes released in the year’s first 2-weeks. John Preston selects his current favourite five. Push Me To The Limits – Rae Morris Rae Morris 2015 acclaimed debut album didn’t rock my world […]

Top 10 Pop Albums of 2017

John Preston gives us his top 10 albums of the year.

Gays in Space!

Where no gay man has gone before. Sid Law celebrates the inclusion of gay characters to Star Trek: Discovery.

Twin Peaks – The Return Episode 18 ‘What is Your Name?’

Twin Peaks – The Return has ended, and John misses it already.

TV review: Twin Peaks – The Return, Epsiode 17 The Past Dictates The Future

John Preston takes a look at the first half of Twin Peaks – The Return’s fantastic finale.

Shrek The Musical – Manchester Palace Theatre – Review

Scott Balf checks out Shrek The Musical and a surprisingly emotive puppet dragon!

Interview: Divina De Campo – Dancing Bear

Adam Lowe chats to Manchester legend Divina De Campo about the upcoming world premiere of Dancing Bear.

Review: Hugo, XO / A Film by Dale John Allen

Liam Bodle takes a look at Hugo, XO, a new short by Dale John Allen.