Gays in Space!

Where no gay man has gone before. Sid Law celebrates the inclusion of gay characters to Star Trek: Discovery.

Is the perfect life so perfect after all?

Are we becoming self-obsessed?

Snap to the Polls

Prime Minister May calls an early General Election. Alex takes a look at this story and the current political situation in Britain

British Airways BA Magic same sex marriage Lisa Hayley

BA Magic reunites Lisa and Hayley

British Airways BA Magic campaign helped reunited married couple Lisa Harris and Hayley Angell, living 10,000 miles apart in the UK and Australia.

Mental Health Media Charter

Vada Magazine welcomes the new Mental Health Media Charter, and signs up.

Preview: Mahiki, Manchester

Mahiki opens in Manchester next week. Here’s what’s in store.

Dangerous Behaviour: An interview with Tiggi Hawke

We catch up with Tiggi Hawke to talk about her latest single with Mike Mago, ‘Dangerous Behaviour’.

Things you didn’t know about faecal microbiota transplants

Using the good stuff from healthy poo to fix your gastrointestinal problems is the latest health trend. We take a look at why.

Queer Muslim Sex Worker: A documentary

We interview Amy Ashenden, producer of both The Gay Word and new podcast documentary Queer Muslim Sex Worker.

7 of the best alternative city breaks in Europe

If Paris, London and Barcelona aren’t whetting your appetite this year, why not consider somewhere a little off the beaten track?

Album review: Fever Ray – Plunge

Fever Ray may not have had a new album out for  8 years now, but as soon as the first track from the surprise-realised Plunge is heard it feels as though almost no time has passed at all. ‘Wanna Sip’ opens like a dramatic and camp, hammer-house horror film and ties in perfectly with the […]

Bottomless Brunch: Revólucion de Cuba, Leeds

Alex samples the bottomless brunch at Revólucion de Cuba in Leeds Freedom Quarter