Trans & HIV+ in the UK

We need an urgent shake-up of the way health services engage with trans people if we’re to beat HIV.

Melodifestivalen 2018

Alex runs through the finalist’s for this year’s Melodifestivalen.

The Year That Was 2017 Pt3

Alex Concludes his look at the news stories in the Year That Was 2017

same-sex family

Starting a same-sex family

Starting a same-sex family is complex, Spratt Endicott Solicitors provide some useful information on options and factors to consider.

British Airways BA Magic same sex marriage Lisa Hayley

BA Magic reunites Lisa and Hayley

British Airways BA Magic campaign helped reunited married couple Lisa Harris and Hayley Angell, living 10,000 miles apart in the UK and Australia.

Mental Health Media Charter

Vada Magazine welcomes the new Mental Health Media Charter, and signs up.

Get the Skinny: An interview with Amanda Thomson

British entrepreneur Amanda Thomson, founder of Thomson & Scott, strikes major U.S. deal to take Skinny Prosecco to thirsty Americans!

Dangerous Behaviour: An interview with Tiggi Hawke

We catch up with Tiggi Hawke to talk about her latest single with Mike Mago, ‘Dangerous Behaviour’.

Things you didn’t know about faecal microbiota transplants

Using the good stuff from healthy poo to fix your gastrointestinal problems is the latest health trend. We take a look at why.

Expert Market Place to work for LGBT LGBTQ LGBTQ+

The best European countries to live and work for LGBT people

Expert Market have put together a detailed analysis of the best (and worst) places to live and work in Europe for young LGBT people.

The Year That Was 2017 Pt2

Alex Continues his look at the big news stories in the Year That Was 2017

7 of the best alternative city breaks in Europe

If Paris, London and Barcelona aren’t whetting your appetite this year, why not consider somewhere a little off the beaten track?