Review: Penclic B2 Bluetooth

Is it a pen? Is it a mouse? No, it’s the Penclic B2 with bluetooth functionality!

Dice games for Xbox

The retro fad of the moment is dice games for the Xbox and other consoles.

elephants head hackney foodchain foodtech

Foodtech insight – Foodchain supplies to Elephants Head pub

The Elephants Head kitchen teams up with food supply platform, Foodchain, to bring high quality fresh produce to the Hackney pub

Google engineer claims he was sacked for fighting to discrimination

Engineer Tim Chevalier, who is disabled, queer and trans, has filed a lawsuit alleging that he was sacked for standing up to bigots in the multinational Google corporation.

Marvel or DC: Whose Writers Come Out on Top

Which universe has better writers in comics and film?

X-ray vision: A look at the upcoming X-Men franchise movies

What’s in store for the X-Men movies franchise? We have a vada…

#WATCH: Legion trailer

Dan Stevens stars in Legion, a new drama coming to FX. He plays a mutant who think he’s going crazy. Watch the trailer here.