Would You Change? returns to the stage in February 2015

Simon Blish

We live in an age of relative equality and freedom, where an LGBT+ individual can (for the most part) come out and live a full and open life in the Western world. We have it pretty easy. We have everything – barbers, cafes, bars, clubs and shops. But before all of that, a person had to keep themselves hidden, had to be on guard. What was it like for the people who lived in those situations?

In this reworking of the very successful work-in-progress show from Manchester’s Fringe Festival, we might get an inkling. Would You Change? first sprang to life following the writer being asked the familiar dinner party question: who would he invite?

Rylan Cavell settled on Quentin Crisp, Sappho, Gladys Bentley and Harvey Milk. A dynamic and contrasting bunch of characters that give a deep, yet playful look at queer history.

This play could be a very important piece of queer theatre and – following its next run in February – it will be captured on film as well. A crowdfunding campaign for the film version can be found on IndieGoGo – it’s well worth contributing a few quid.

The newly reworked script sees heaps more life, energy and passion in this version of the production. We were excited to see the original work-in-progress, so with a fully developed script and a brand new director at the helm, this looks set to be a fantastic play.

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Alastair Zyggu will direct the Bewilderbeastly Productions show starring Andrew Marsden, Andrew Husband, Rebecca Swarray, Kelly Efthymiou, Rebecca Derrick and Christopher Bowles at the King Arms in Salford on 9-10 February at 7.30pm.

For more information, visit bewilderbeastlyproductions.co.uk.

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