Conor Collins Un-Paints Vladimir Putin

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Hello wonderful and splendid Vada readers.

Old school readers might vaguely recognise me as the person who once wrote witty things now and then on Vada then abruptly stopped. I am afraid I never wanted to stop, however I don’t think I have ever experienced such writing constipation as I have of late. I think the fundamental reason for me to write was my need to express, in any way I can.

So where my writing has grown weak my expression has exploded in the form of my paintings. I have been painting non-stop for rather some time now, which brings me to the point of this piece.

I produced a painting of Vladimir Putin using the names of LGBT people both past and present. However in light of the anti-LGBT laws in Russia, Uganda and homophobic agendas around the world I have decided to paint over the names one by one and film it to see what would be left.

It was an oddly upsetting thing to do to paint over it, and to reflect on all those who have been before us.

If you like the video, feel free to share it, and if by some slim chance you know someone who is one of the names in my painting, feel free to show them that they were part of it.

About Conor Collins

Conor Collins is an expressionist painter, Opera singer, actor and former Southern England Irish Dance champion. He has recently completed his undergraduate at the Royal Northern College of Music and has had his art shortlisted for the Outside in National Art Prize as well as the Saatchi Showdown 2011 drawing prize. Follow @Conartworks