The Daily Fail – Behind The Scenes

Adam Wollerton

“Extraordinary!” Barry O’ Mahony, Deputy Mayor of Kingston.

“Very entertaining and hilarious!” Nicola Hume, Radio Jackie.

“A very successful premier production!” Simon Wilson

“Amazing job on The Daily Fail! Fantastic! We could be famous!” Dancing Through Life

“It made me laugh and it made me cry! A brilliant production! Amazing lead performances!” Caroline Barrett


After a successful workshop production at The International Youth Arts Festival in Kingston upon Thames this summer, the team behind The Daily Fail: The Musical! are taking their revamped show to London. The show opens on Tuesday 15th October at Waterloo East Theatre and asks – what would you do to become famous?

Although the show was deemed a festival success, we knew we had to take the show to the next level and so took the feedback and criticism on board and set to work once again. The show is now twenty minutes shorter, with three songs cut, and a short new one added for our goody-goody heroine journalist, Anna Prentice. There is a new cast for The Daily Fail, and we are very excited to be entertaining you all from Tuesday 15th October.

If you haven’t seen the show, The Daily Fail follows London Clinton and Dim Trashtrashian in their search for fame. When they meet with Nicole Bitchy, she advises them that the best way to get famous is to wish for your Fairy Godmother. When the girls’ wish is granted courtesy of their devilish Fairy Godmother, who appears as Rupert Murdoch, they are lead through the trials and tribulations of fame at the mercy of the press at the Daily Fail offices. With songs such as ‘We Could Be Famous’, ‘Hugh Grant Is My Ideal Man’, and ‘Making A Sex Tape’, the musical is sure to bring the house down at Waterloo East in October.

As the director, I decided to really revamp my vision for the show and take a step away from realism, through dancing and surrealism. I’ve presented the character of London as the dreamer – she idolises trashy fame icons and will do anything to live their life, the Daily Fail offices have taken a particularly dark spin with a hellish theme, now surrounding the actors on stage with flames and demonic journalists. The set has also taken an interesting turn. However, I can’t reveal too much for fear of taking away from the show itself. It was important for me to achieve a sense of a three dimensional space in which the characters can interact with their environment, and I feel that I have accomplished this.

So what has The Daily Fail in store for its audience? The show was written to challenge press ethics in modern society, with particular relevance and focus on the glamorisation of fame and how celebrities were affected during the Leveson Inquiry and hacking scandal. The story line is formed from various tales of what happened to real celebrities during the scandal, so see how many you can recognise.

The production is completely unlike any other out there at the moment. It is funny, sexy, satirical and has some amazing musical numbers in it both vocally and choreography wise. These have both matured for the London run of the production with more harmonies, intricate vocal additions, and precise, more complex routines.

Please come along and support new and emerging theatre talent in this smash hit musical!


The Daily Fail is showing on Tuesday 15th October – Saturday 19th October, 7.30pm & Sunday 20th October, 4pm. Book online at (No booking fee!) Full – £15, Concession – £12, Tuesday 15th October – All tickets £10

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Adam is a Writer and Director of Off-West End and West End Theatre Productions. He is also the Co-Founder of Curious Tales Theatre Company and is the author of LoveStuck: A New Musical.