An Evening of Meat by Kate March, London

An Evening of Meat London
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An Evening of Meat, the latest performance art concept by artist-entrepreneur Kate March promises to be a feast of femininity, where expressive dance meets indulgent food to question the senses.

Going full-circle to where An Evening of Meat was conceived, the London showing follows previous successful runs in Asia, Europe and Australia. Kate began creating conceptual dining experiences in Dalston and reinventing ‘dinner theatre’ which lead to the eventual creation of her all-female I AM collective. The audience of An Evening of Meat will not quite know what to expect, how to act or where to look. However they will soon become engaged in the performance and play their part in the Art, making this a truly immersive dining experience.

An Evening of Meat combines a fine-dining menu and Kate March’s I AM collective, as the dancers exploring the all-fours position, using a table as a stage. As guests sink their teeth into a six course dinner, they are confronted with performers struggling to reach the vertical position. The dancers explore various aspects of the on-all-fours position, such as vulnerability, strength, stability, sensuality, power, domestication, and unbridled wildness. In this exploration in femininity, the audience and performer build a unique relationship, and as the diner becomes part of the dancer’s struggle, screaming for her to stand up, she in turn destabilises their gaze and becomes more than just a piece of meat on the table.

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This show will feature a menu created by Michelin trained Head Chef Chavdar Todorov. Featuring six courses, every dish has been designed to tempt and tantalise the senses. With a complementary wine and cocktail list, the menu will, of course, have a strong focus on meat, while also featuring vegetarian options, as well as fish and seafood courses.
As much about fashion and music as it is about food, An Evening Of Meat will see I AM collaborate with Singapore-based designer, Lisa Von Tang on costume design and LA-based composer, Patrick Rivera, on an entirely original music score for the show.

An Evening of Meat runs from 27th March – 22nd April, on Tuesdays to Sundays, from 6.30pm.

The venue is: The Vaults, Leake Street, London SE1 7NN.

Tickets cost from £35, available from

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