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I recently was given the rare opportunity to the pick the brains of the director behind a new musical coming to London this July. Adam Wollerton, together with his amazing team at the Untold Theatre Company, has brought the next big musical to the London stage – Grim.

Grim tells the story of the angel of death. Grim is without emotion and without love and sees her duties as a gift of deliverance from earthly worries and pains. The title role is played by the beautiful Roseanna Christoforou, who brings a raw performance which one would usually associate with a more seasoned actress. This young beauty plays opposite Anthony Matteo as Cupid. His bubbly performance is endearing and he has a somewhat magical aura to him. Casting for both these roles was extremely difficult according to Wollerton, as both roles were for niche characters that have never set foot upon the stage.

Our story opens at the end of someone’s life, and immediately the gothic tone is apparent. Here Grim comes in contact with the purity which is human emotion, an unknown concept to her. She questions their remorse at the ending of another’s pain. Here our character embarks on a life-changing journey into humanity; she attempts to integrate herself amidst the very people she struggles to comprehend.

Grim’s fascination with Amelia is met with interesting results as hyperbolic meets dead-pan serious. She is perplexed by the concept of ‘being human’ and her study thereof has a philosophical yet clinical undertone.

Tragedy comes, however, when Cupid – the incarnation of divine love himself – falls head over heels for the femme fatale (who, might I add, is literally deadly) and a game of cat-and-mouse ensues.

So we have a killer cast, a script fit for a number one-bestselling novel (by the talented Fiona O’Malley) and would you believe me if I said it got better? Well it does!

With an amazing score and songs that will send chills down your spine, it is with great awe I applaud Joseph Alexander. I was afforded the chance to listen the upcoming cast recording (which will be released on iTunes later this year) and I was buzzing. I think the last time music sent such chills down my spine yet simultaneously made me want to giggle because it is that damn good was when I first heard the Wicked soundtrack.

At the end of this musical you will have a refreshed outlook on love and have the same tingly sensation I have right now as I type. An untold story with a stellar cast – bravo!

You can witness this amazing musical in London at the Rose Theatre Kingston, on the following dates:

Sunday 20 July 4.30pm

Tuesday 22 July 9pm

Friday 25 July 8.30pm

Sunday 27 July 1.15pm

(Book online)

Keep your eyes peeled, though, if you can’t make these dates – as Grim is set to transfer to Charing Cross in August.



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