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Gabriel Duckels

Pan AnnPam Ann is the sort of woman who needs no introductions. Air hostess alter-ego of Caroline Reid, Pam Ann is lewd and lascivious, and jetting into the UK for her new show Around The World in Feburary 2013. I sent the iconic comedienne a few emails to find out more.


Vada: What kick-started your temperamental relationship with the airline industry?

Pam Ann: The need to get the fuck out of Australia!

How was your own first flight experience? 

When I was 8yrs old I started flying as an unattended minor from Melbourne to Sydney for the school holidays to see my cousins. I loved how glamorous the air hostesses were and they always seemed so immaculate.

Have you ever had any really bad flight experiences?

All the time these days because I fly so much but I guess it’s my karma. I love a bad airline experience, it makes great material for my shows.

On that note, any difficult audience members?

All the time.  I HATE people on their phones texting during a show or so drunk they think they are funny but they are just annoying to me and to everyone around them. I don’t hesitate in throwing phones and chucking people out. People seem to have lost fucking manners these days.

Have you ever considered working as a ‘real’ air hostess?

When I was younger it crossed my mind but you need an education and I dropped out of art school so I had no chance.

You go, pretty much literally, all over the world. Does the attitude to Pam Ann differ much from country to country? Helsinki to San Francisco, etc?

Language and also culture can make people react to different things in the show. Sometimes I get surprised – something that may not get a laugh gets a huge laugh in, say, Helsinki. San Francisco is the gay Mecca so I can do no wrong there!

There are rumours that you’re developing a TV show. Can you say any more about that?

I am developing a movie and a TV series. There’s lots in the pipeline. The Pam Ann movie is going to include real airlines and crew. Think The Hangover meets Borat.

What would you say is the best antidote to pre-flight nerves and panic?

Take a Xanax and have a champagne to wash it down.

What can old fans expect from your new show Around The World?

Everything is new!



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Pam Ann Around the World is touring the UK from 7th February to 10th March 2013 with dates in Southend, Croydon, Cambridge, Oxford, Hayes, Bournemouth, Brighton, Nottingham, Jersey, Woking, Basingstoke, Manchester, St. Albans, Reading and Birmingham. For more information and to buy tickets please visit

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