Friday Fiction: Call for Submissions!

Mj Bain

Since 2015, we at Vada have been publishing creative writing with the fabulous ‘Poems for Your Fridge’ series. Now, in 2020, we are expanding our creative writing section and are seeking submissions for a new regular column: ‘Friday Fiction’.

Mj has taken over as the literary editor and he’s desperate for the poets to stop getting all the glory (even if he has admittedly dabbled in poetry himself). We want your short stories, vignettes and serials on all topics evenly slightly queer – from your LGBTQ+ reimaginings of classic fairy tales to first-person stories of love and loss. All we ask is that what you write is authentic, doesn’t go out of your way to be offensive, and is under 2000 words.

We look forward to reading your submissions and are excited to be sharing some Friday Fiction with you soon. In the meantime, continue to check-out our poetry and everything else going on at Vada.

Email your submissions to

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About Mj Bain

Mj is a writer, editor and photographer with a million pen names and personalities. He is our literary editor and he's seeking your short story submissions! Email them to for a chance to be published as part of our Friday Fiction.