Poems for Your Fridge: Glass Slipper by Eoghan Lyng

Vada That

I wore a glass slipper as I whored myself from sailor to painter,
and asked for nothing in exchange but a smile
and three wishes for my stepsister
so she could see past vanity.

I asked for nothing but rags,
taking the crumbs from the better beggars,
who walked the street for pleasure,
ignoring the suffering to the right and left.

Leaving the waltzes to the others,
watching them pitter and patter,
to dream of a palace,
I´d make one more wish.

Sustaining the energy for one last dance,
I threw that slipper on the ground –
smashed the glass like my dreams,
for one night stands and alcoholic drops –

before missing the carriage home
once more.

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About the Poet

Eoghan Lyng is an Irish man, like the great Oscar Wilde, but has a terrible taste in fashion, unlike the great Oscar Wilde. He has written poems for ‘UCC Express’, ‘Booksie.com’ and his own personal blog.

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