Poems for Your Fridge: My Sexuality by Adele Fraser

Vada Voices

My Sexuality

is not frozen, static.
It is not ice;
you cannot hack it
down the middle
in a neat divide;
think of aspects,
not of sides.
It is no canal,
no man-made trench,
which you could dig and plot,
define, direct.
It is a natural body
of water, running its course
organic, in twists and turns,
meandering but not confused;
the scenic route
holds gorgeous views.
Its path may not be straight,
but, still, it’s true –
my unknown ocean,
I drift, I flow, I rush
to you.

About the author

Adele Fraser lives and writes in North Wales. Her poems have been published by Vada Magazine, Envoi, Mslexia, The Interpreter’s House, and Ink, Sweat & Tears (amongst others).

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