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Pink, pink, and a bit more pink for good measure. No, I’m not talking about Barbie’s closet, but Sibling’s new menswear collection. Day two of LC:M showcased the catwalk dominance of the Sibling collection. Key to making spectators sit up and take notice is having the gumption to produce a collection that steers away from the norm, and the Sibling collection did just that with their palette of hot pink, perfectly juxtaposed with splashes of black.

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The collection harboured a strong juvenile element, not least because of the large stuffed teddies as accessories. But the overall look of the outfits had a slightly beyond-the-norm aesthetic. It fitted perfectly together as a collection and brought menswear a second breathe of air, in my personal opinion. The collection not only offered unique styling, but also a playful subversion of classics – evident, for example, in the kooky knitwear pieces above. A strong element of grunge came into play with severe open-knit jumpers layered over long-line shirt and tees.

Paying extra attention to detail and fabrication, Sibling brought about a wonderful mix of faux fur, married with PU and rubberised fabrics, to keep the frivolity of the pieces. Crystal-encrusted ties brought an element of laidback tailoring to the collection, alongside staple suit jackets in bold vertical stripes. The silhouette of the outfits moved away from what you’d expect and introduced many long-line and oversized pieces, such as a hot pink polo top, hitting just below the knee point and giving a unique tunic shape.

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Pay close enough attention and you’ll see that the pink on show was not one uniform colour, either. There were various hues of the same colour, which prevented the pieces from looking flat, whilst still keeping the integrity of the collection’s main focus – that being the jaw-dropping palette. A welcome pop of sugared orange with one of the jackets added yet another point of interest to the collection.

Large teddies and tie motifs give the collection a playful feel, which stops its from taking itself too seriously. After all, fashion should be fun and not overly laboured. Chequered patterns and stripes broke up the pieces, which worked well in the black/hot pink collection.

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I’m not sure this collection is going to be welcomed by a every male consumer out there, but if you look past the overall shock of pink, there are many interchangeable pieces that can be cherry picked to build a unique and striking look. Personally, it’s very much to my taste as a collection, and I would be more than daring enough, for want of a better term, to wear these with the pride they so deserve. Once again, another triumph by a truly talented trio of designers, providing the fashion hungry with more food for thought.

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