Men On Gay Apps – A Poem

Jamal Gerald
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The charms on

your back,

freckles, fallen men.

I wonder if they

learned to lie

from your bed.


Shared the solar system,

Our cherished chemistry,

from your ceiling.

The orchestra conducted

by sun and

earthbound strokes, advantages

on skin.


I chief your


The Arian stubble

I told to go slow

inhaling me.

Oblige the flavour

you gave,

I am special,


Throats fresh from



Our desirous

blood cells tremble,

Shed bliss.

Punching the walls.

We bond.

We are gods.

Make the voodoo tribes dance.

The courageous lips drive.

Contrasting bodies touch,

In the tingle

you created.


You twist my

complexion, tone


by your malicious



We interlace

like friendly germs,

see each other in altered ways,

like the end of a war,

have each other in altered ways.

Your warmth creates



Gullible victim,

pleased to

be a successor,

to the charms

that have fallen

before me.

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To some he's a very unusual character. He’s outspoken and loves being in the centre of attention. Jamal just wants his audiences to feel something when reading his work or when they see him perform. Wants them to be fearless when interpreting his art. He wants them to think. @JamiBoii