Project One Voice

Christian Watts

Good day all! My name is Christian Watts. Arts contributor here at Vada Magazine, currently studying an art foundation course in Liverpool before moving to London in September to study Design at Goldsmiths. I am half way through my final show for this year, and I need your help!

‘Project One Voice’ is the self titled project for my final show that will be exhibited in a little under 4 weeks. My mission is to create a snapshot of the LGBT community, using visual images, sound and writing to tell a story. I am trying to simultaneously record an individual’s personal story whilst capturing the spirit and essence of the LGBT community as a whole . The outcome will be an intimate space that will present a collective, single story of the LGBT community; one which every person shares, yet each person has their own take on. This will include a full floor to ceiling exhibition of portraits of the people that have been able to get involved in the project.

I am simply asking participants to be themselves, and will take a few photographs of each participant, and if they are willing, a short recorded conversation/interview about their lives and about being LGBT. This will go towards a sound aspect of the work. I will be organising at least 2 events in which people can drop in and participate in the project. These will most likely be held in Liverpool and Manchester. Dates are still being confirmed, so if you would like to participate and want to be contacted as to where and when these are please contact me on: or tweet me – @cjfwatts

If you live nowhere near either of these places worry not! There is also another way in which you can get involved if you cannot participate physically! I have compiled a short survey which can be found here which you can fill out. It asks generic questions about life and personal experiences. It is completely anonymous and the results will be used in an accompanying book to the project which I will be printing and binding myself.

If you are still interested after all the self-advertising I have already done, I am also looking for a few contributors. Ideally I am looking for a few people who would be interested in writing something more extended which will be included in the book. Based on the theme of sexuality, I am looking to include articles, essays or maybe even creative writing that will engage, provoke or challenge the reader. If this is more your style and you enjoy writing then contact me on the email above.

To anyone who reads this and decides to participate in any of the ways listed above, I cannot thank you enough and you will have my eternal gratitude! I will be back on the arts scene next week.

Thank you!

About Christian Watts

Christian is a soon-to-be design student at Goldsmiths, London. Originally from (near) Liverpool, he can usually be found with a camera or sketchbook. Works at art galleries pretending he knows what he's talking about. Follow on twitter @cjfwatts