Spotlight: Jami, digital artist

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Hailing from the Lake District, Jami is a digital artist based in Manchester. He creates most of his work on his iPad; however, on occasion he makes use of acrylic on canvas.

As an artist Jami is self-taught and has had no formal training, although he has practised the craft since childhood. He is motivated to paint by his life experiences, including the deaths of family and friends, sexual experiences and even his own personal fears.

These experiences and their emotional resonance is reflected in the expressive nature of his portfolio, which has a particular focus on sexual identity and coming to terms with it. His art also explores other themes including love, pain and mortality, subjects that he is not afraid to express in graphic detail.

Whilst his work may offend some viewers, Jami also likes to demonstrate his black sense of humour through the medium, with some paintings removed from websites as a result of their explicit material.

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Jami is influenced by other artists including Francis Bacon, Frida Kahlo, Amedeo Modigliani and Tim Burton. This is demonstrated through his use of dark, distorted and sometimes melancholic motifs.

Not being restricted to darker topics, Jami also experiments with varieties of art outside of his comfort zone, and he receives commissions for fantasy pieces and portraits of people with their pets in some instances.

Jami’s portfolio can be viewed on Facebook and Deviant Art.

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