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We all know that if you scratch beneath the social media surface of the internet you find a world filled with midget porn and Asian ladies who fit one too many jelly worms up their foof. However, if you hold your nose and dig a little further you find some truly beautiful creations by up and coming amazing folk. In an attempt at public service we’ve gathered together some of the greatest thing makers for you to enjoy.

ryan earnshaw

Now just look at that beauty! Those wondering who the devil this is can move on, this is not the right place for you. The rest of you that’re slowly drooling into your laps, know this is of course an amazing version of Guru Guru from the greatest game of all time Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time. Ryan’s shop is looking a little empty at the moment, but this is because he creates each delight by hand and perfection takes time folks. Ryan mainly creates, but not exclusively, Nintendo themed objects of desire and has developed incredible interpretations of Bowser, Olimar and The King of Red Lions. If you’re looking for a truly unique ornament of joy, drop him a tweet and he’ll be more than happy to help you out.

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martin jessop

Before everyone else jumped on the Oz bandwagon, Martin was there first with an unhealthy passion for all things that need vital organs from a wizard. This passion pops up in limited run items which have included an incredible badge collection and prints. At the moment the best thing he has in store is his super adorable dream journal. Follow him on twitter for morning updates on his erection.

timothy winchester

Do you know what’s missing from your life? A daily dose of wizards, dinosaurs, slime and toast. Do you know who wants to help you? Timothy wants to help you. A daily comic takes you on a marvellous adventure through his life which is far better than yours. Occasionally Timothy gets his followers to help him out, like last year when he asked people to draw a boyfriend for lonely dinosaur Toby, the results were… interesting.

There is nothing this woman can’t do, well apart from evasive surgery (light surgery she’s fine with.) Bec has been blessed with the power of making people laugh just by turning up, amazing for parties awful at a The Bris. Not content with standing on stage and making groups of strangers chuckle, Bec has decided that she needs to have her work plastered on people’s chests in a wondrous array of t-shirts. Bec also organises The Pun Run a night that really should not be missed.

And that concludes our list for this time, as we hunt out more amazing people we will make sure you are the first to know. If there is anyone you think would make our lives better tell us about them in the comments below.


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