The Daily Fail: The Musical!

Adam Wollerton

Rehearsals are in full swing now for the next big production from The Untold Theatre Company – The Daily Fail: The Musical. With a show stirring up a lot of attention in the media and in the world of theatre, I decided to give the Vada readers a sneaky peak behind the scenes.

So, what is the musical about? The production is a new, original musical taking a satirical look at the Leveson Inquiry and the effects of the hacking scandal. Two girls, London and Dim, are desperate to be famous at any cost but the only problem is that they don’t have any talent. They are thrown into hell when they become famous at the granted wish of their Fairy Godmother (Rupert Murdoch) and find that they cannot handle the pressure of fame, nor the pressure of the press.

Sounds like a boring subject for a musical right? But rest assured, with the dark comedy about the rise and falls of fame, the filming of a sex tape, and songs such as ‘Hugh Grant Is My Ideal Man’, this Musical promises to leave you laughing. The show combines an original script by Fiona O’Malley, an amazing musical score composed by Joseph Alexander, the precise and energetic choreography of Rachel Kelly, along with Adam Wollerton’s enthusiastic and specific direction.

The Untold Theatre Company have sourced their cast from the general public, sticking to their core values of originality, finding and nurturing undiscovered talent, and a commitment to excellence. With hours being put into each rehearsal, the cast have been hard at work bringing the script to life, choreographing exciting dance numbers, and learning and belting out twenty one songs ready to give the public a fantastic show when it premieres in the summer.

Although the company is amidst a tough rehearsal schedule at the moment, they are still raising money (until the 11th May) to be able to launch this production at The International Youth Arts Festival in Kingston Upon Thames, London, this July. The Untold Theatre Company are inviting members of the public to donate in return for awesome prizes including a copy of the Original Soundtrack of The Daily Fail: The Musical!, a chance to meet the show’s cast and creators, and even free tickets. If you wish to help out, from as little as £1, please follow this link to read more about the production and the funding campaign ‘Bring This Musical To Life!’ –  or alternatively log onto and search ‘The Daily Fail: The Musical!’ All the donations are gratefully received and massively appreciated!

All the money that is raised goes directly into the production for things such as set creation, rehearsal space, props and costumes.

You may be asking, why is the musical being created? Fiona O’Malley, the show’s writer, has been a journalist for years and having worked for numerous publications such as The Sunday Times and Vogue, she was disgusted by the events surrounding the hacking scandal, resulting in the Leveson Inquiry. She thought there was no better and more fabulous way to get the message out to the public than to create a show! With four original musicals and a combined total of over twenty plays between her and Adam, the subject matter is in safe hands.

The Daily Fail: The Musical! promises to be a breath of fresh air on the West End, displaying the real meaning behind originality in creativity. The production premieres at the International Youth Arts Festival in Kingston from 26th July to the 28th July. With a lot of interest from across the London theatre scene, this is your chance to catch it before it hits London’s West End!



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