Shrek The Musical – Manchester Palace Theatre – Review

I’ve waiting for what feels like literally a billion years to see Shrek The Musical so you can imagine my excitement when I was invited to the press night of that very show in Manchester at the incredible Palace Theatre. Yes, the swamptastic show is currently touring the UK and has landed in my city! I was literally shaking all day with anticipation to see it. I even managed to snag a set of ogre ears which personified my excitement.

Also, a few weeks ago when I got the press release, I discovered much to my delight that Samuel Holmes is wearing the very tiny boots of Lord Farquaad, and I LOVE HIM! An actor I adore, playing one of my dream Broadway roles, and singing one of my favourite musical numbers… There was absolutely no way I wasn’t going to love this show and get my entire life during ‘The Ballad of Farquaad’. It was everything to me.

The production was brilliant! And the dragon – OMG! I was in awe at the puppetry. I was legit convinced it was a real dragon and that it was super turned-on by Donkey. Even though it was still a heterosexual romance, I was very here for it. It was a real and tangible love between the Dragon and Donkey. I enjoyed it. Yes, lovely.

The exact smelly, uplifting, hilarious and brilliant musical you’d expect to see, full of layers and magical slime-covered wonder! I loved it. I laughed so much I had tears. You should absolutely book tickets and go see it right now! Enrich your life with chartreuse and malachite shades at every turn, with a dash of fire-breathing excitement and awe! Bring it all on!

Tickets are available on the ATG website and Shrek The Musical is on at the Palace until next Sunday.

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