Theatre review: The Official RuPaul’s Drag Race UK Series Two Tour

When I tell you that driving home from Yorkshire on Sunday afternoon with the hangover of the century was a struggle, and I wished my car would veer off into that house in the middle of the M62 and I’d die, it would have been the dream. However, I needed to get back to Manchester because RuPaul’s Drag Race UK season 2’s tour was happening at the Opera House and ya boi had a ticket, so crashing into a house on the motorway wasn’t an option.

It was muy difícil to get ready and get to the theatre but when the queens came out and Veronica Green immediately lost a shoe, and then Asttina Mandela did a lipsync number to ‘Ultraluminary’ from Netflix’s Over the Moon, my hangover was non-existent.

It took a while for the tour to get underway due to the old ‘Rona, so we’ve had 27 seasons of Drag Race since season 2 was on our screens, but these resilient and talented queens didn’t let it slow them down or dampen their enthusiasm!

All of our favourites were there showing off their skills in lipsyncing, dancing, song writing and singing, and the audience were up from their seats living their best lives and truly feeling sickening.

Ellie Diamond did a number from The Cat in the Hat, dressed AS THE CAT, and that being one of my unironic favourite movies I had never felt so alive.

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Lawrence Chaney, Bimini Bon Boulash, Tayce, Sister Sister, Veronica Green, Asttina Mandela, Joe Black and Tia Kofi all lit up the stage with their numbers and were exhilarating to see! Massive shoutout to Cherry Valentine as a stand out performance of the night, getting carried in by hunky men and then serving it to me during ‘Beautiful Liar’.

A’Whora wasn’t in attendance, unfortunately, as Lawrence let us know she was at Coachella, and my only other gripe was Ginny Lemon sang a song about her overdraft that wasn’t as fun as it sounds, but she did sing live and have about a hundred packets of quavers thrown at her, so we’ll let her off.

The tour is unfortunately over now, Manchester being the final date. However, you can find each of the queens on their social media accounts so go support them in their local venues and have a slamming night!

Xoxo Gossip Girl

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The Official RuPaul’s Drag Race UK Season Two Tour ran from Sat 12 February and Sun 17 April 2022 at the Manchester Opera House.

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