Wunderkammer #1

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Shake yourself off and sit yourself down! I think it is about time to retreat from this ghastly weather into the cabinet of curiosities that is the internet. Join me for a look at five great things I have discovered this week.


1. Will it beard.

Now we all knew the beard was back but have we really imagined the practical applications of donning a magnificent face rug?! Well thankfully for those of us that can’t stand to get past the itchy stage (without committing beardocide) Pierce Thiot and his wife Stacy have proven just how useful a beard can actually be. Taking up place on the project site as well as the couple’s Instagram, ‘Will it beard’ is definitely worth following. The couple also take requests too!

Red Poppy Photos by Stacy Thiot

2.  The Gap.

Making another viral round this week Daniel Sax’s short film, an interview with Ira Glass, is the perfect thing to motivate us all out of a February rut. Shot beautifully the film is a brilliant example of allowing yourself to be inspired by things that are around you. Be inspired, go do!

3.  $2 Caricatures.

Where else can you get a $2 portrait? I expect to see faces I recognise soon enough!


4.  Cloud Forest – Brendan Austin

Brendan Austin’s series of images ‘Cloud Forest’ is a myriad of gentle tones which convey a sense of stillness and serenity. Looking as if taken in some far off land the images are, in my opinion, incredibly seductive, tantalising and completely irresistible.

Brendan Austin

5.  Postmodern Jukebox

Finally we have some music! Postmodern Jukebox takes our pop favourites (or not so favourites) and infuses them with a spice of old school style. I am completely obsessed this week and you’ll be surprised which songs you are suddenly tapping along to. My biggest change around has been Katy Perry’s ROAR! , which I absolutely could not stand until hearing their version ft Annie Goodchild – I love them all so much! Let me know your favourites in the comments. To get a flavour of their alternative history of pop music watch there 2013 Mashup below.


Now go take a break, pop outside. Stand outside in the rain and wait for my next instalment of internet finds.

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