Barry Manilow discusses coming out and secret marriage

Simon Blish

Yes, it’s true – Barry Manilow is happily married to another man. Why are we reporting on this? It shouldn’t matter, right?

Well, no, it shouldn’t. But the fact he waited until he was 73 to make his same sex marriage public knowledge is newsworthy because it shows how we, as a society, still view this as something scandalous.

It’s clear that even in 2017, older celebrities are not comfortable being known as LGBT – and the mainstream media still froths at the mouth at this so-called ‘salacious’ gossip. That makes this worth remarking on, even if it’s just to say: Get a grip, people!

Manilow told People magazine, ‘I thought I would be disappointing them [fans] if they knew I was gay.’

One day this will cease to be an issue – but in the meantime, Manilow has instantly become a much-needed role model for LGBT people of all ages – proving, in fact, that you can come out on your own terms, when you’re ready.

If you’re still in the closet that’s an important message – there’s no pressure! Your life is your own.

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