Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice – Review

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The negative reviews that Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice has received are unfair. This isn’t a Marvel film; don’t expect the lightheartedness that encapsulates those movies.

No, this is DC, and that means it’s darker. A lot darker. A few tiny jokes aside, you really won’t be laughing at this.

But Batman v Superman is pretty damn spectacular. It works on almost every level.

The darkness of this movie makes it more intimate. We’re afforded a grim look at how Bruce Wayne became Batman through flashbacks of his parents dying.

This was my biggest fear for this movie: it’s the same problem that may plague the upcoming Spider-Man reboot. Spider-Man and Batman are characters who don’t need an origin story – EVERYBODY knows how they become superheroes anyway.

So, thankfully, here we’re only shown tiny flashbacks of Wayne’s past. And there’s a smart trick employed at the opening of Batman v Superman to bring Batman into the fold.

Set during the climactic events of Man of Steel, we see events unfold across Metropolis once more – only this time it’s told from Batman’s PoV. And it works very well!

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Ben Affleck is brilliant as Bruce Wayne. He’s older, he’s flawed, he’s darker. And it all works in his favour.

Initially, the jarring storylines make it feel like we’re watching two delegate movies, but when Batman and Superman appear on screen together for the first time you’ll have goosebumps.

Also great is Jesse Eisenberg as Lex Luthor. Much has been made about Gal Gadot stealing the movie as Wonder Woman, but it’s Eisenberg who steals every single scene.

At first cocky, and then soon crazy, Eisenberg’s Luthor is simply brilliant, particularly towards the climax of the movie. Please pop up again in a future movie! There’s so much more that he can do with this role.

The titular battle between Batman and Superman is truly breathtaking. It’s grim and dark and the special effects are on point. My only flaw is the reason for them joining forces – I think a better resolution would’ve worked better.

This is a movie where pretty much everything has been announced beforehand, so it’ll come as no surprise when The Flash, Aquaman and Cyborg arrive midway through. Their appearances are extremely brief, but effectively placed to amp up the anticipation for their respective solo outings. I cannot wait.

What hasn’t been spoiled, however, is the climax of the film, and I won’t be spoiling it here! All I’ll say is pay special attention to the final shot of the movie – look and listen to see that all is not as it seems.

Batman v Superman exceeds where Marvel fails – it’s taken a darker approach that, for me, works in its favour. Man of Steel was a flawed first movie in the DC Extended Universe; Batman v Superman is an excellent follow up.

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My anticipation for this universe is extremely high now. I can’t wait for Suicide Squad!

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