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Eurovision is on Saturday 10th May. To get you in the mood, this week we’re reviewing a film from the continent per day. Over the next few days you can expect films from Denmark, Russia and more, but to start with it’s the Oscar-nominated Belgian short from 2002, Gridlock.


It’s snowing, there’s a traffic jam and our main character is popping pill after pill. In short, he’s pissed off.

As if in a final attempt to remain sane, he picks up his cellphone to contact home. With nothing going as planned he seeks solace in the warm, comforting tones of his wife’s voice.

Now up until this point I am sure we all can place ourselves in this or a similar situation. There are roadworks, you have had the *worst* day ever and all you want to do is to open up a bottle of wine in front of the TV and bitch about how impossible your boss is being. Sigh, I know the feeling far too well.

So he dials home and moments later the sound of a young girl tickles the phone line. “Hello it’s Daddy, is Mommy there?”

“Yes, she’s upstairs with Uncle Wim.”

“Uncle Wim? But we don’t have an Uncle Wim..?”

“Yes we do….”

I won’t spoil the rest but you can watch this 7-minute Oscar-nominated short below. I promise you will not regret this; however, there are some NSFW moments, so save this for when you need a pick-me-up after a long day in meetings or classes or having to deal with pestering people. Enjoy!

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