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Today Peccadillo Pictures presents Boys, a new love story by Dutch director Mischa Kamp. The story, written by Chris Westendorp and Jaap Peter Enderlé, follows Sieger and Marc – two teenagers coming to grips with sexuality. This love story is no fairytale, however, as Sieger fights against his feelings and tries to drown them in his sport.

Sieger, motherless since the age of eight, immerses himself in his athletic ambitions to avoid the conflict he encounters at home. His father and older brother are constantly at each other’s throats and when Sieger thinks this warfare is confined to his home he meets Marc. The friendship blossoms and ignites feelings Sieger never thought possible. How could he, such a masculine young man, possibly be queer?

Sieger, frightened and confused, runs back to the safety of ‘normality’ all the while fighting his feelings for Marc. Throughout the film passions are high and the Dutch milieu acts as a picturesque backdrop to this emotional saga. Sieger is played by Gijs Blom, who’s other film credits include Sonny Boy and Kankerlijers. Zo Zandvliet, who plays Marc, has worked previously with Gijs in Sonny Boys and is better known for his trombone playing skills in Jungle by Night, an Afro-beat band.

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The cinematography throughout the film is quite simply sublime. Every camera-shot and angle becomes a work of art as the viewer is transfixed on the carefully planned frames that flow into one another to form a tantalizing tour de force.

All in all this was an excellent piece of cinema and if you haven’t seen it yet, we recommend you seek it out now.

Boys is out on DVD and On-Demand from Peccadillo Pictures now. You can also order it from Amazon, Play and all other good retailers. However we also have three copies to give away to three lucky readers. If you would like to stand a chance fill in our form below:

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