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Sci-fi gets some glitter, as Mike Buonaiuto embarks on his latest project #Credence. This sci-fi drama takes a look at LGBT+ relationship dynamics. Whilst the characters of the story are queer, Buonaiuto wishes to tell a story that will resonate with everyone.

Our story takes place in a future world, ravaged by catastrophic storms that are literally tearing the world apart. Those who remain on Earth are now desperately scurrying to flee the doomed planet. A glimmer of hope exists with the existence of another world to colonize. However, as transport is limited a decision is made.

The children will be evacuated and given a chance at a new life, a new start, but the ticket to this supposed freedom is dear. The high monetary value of the ticket seems cheap in comparison to the emotional price one must pay. A gay couple must now fight to give their daughter a chance at life.

This ground-breaking film is yet to be created, but the ninety second trailer is truly mesmerizing. The social dynamic we are given a glimpse of is frighteningly real. Whilst in our daily lives we may not be fleeing the end of the world, we are all fighting our own battles. This film takes us into the modern fairytale gay home and stands in stark contrast to the perceived explicit sexuality of the LGBT+ world. #Credence strips away all labels. Here we are presented with a couple who’s love for one another is only outweighed by their love for their daughter.

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Some may argue this, but the core idea here is love. It just so happens that the traditional Romeo and Juliet are replaced by two men. The many forms of love are explored and deconstructed into their raw components. Whilst storms rage on, tearing both the physical world and families apart, this film shows that true love endures even the fiercest of storms. So what storms are you facing? What is life throwing at you in its many attempts to destroy not only your world, but you?

Now this is where you and I come in. As we all know, films can cost millions of dollars. But with our help we can help fund this film’s creation. The budget is a mere £6,000. Now two thirds of this has been raised, so please go to the Indiegogo page and donate now. Every little bit helps, and whilst some will call this just another film, we know this is the film to show the world that love is love – regardless of sexual orientation.

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