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The answer to life’s greatest hurdles is here. Now there is no need to roll your eyes, I’m not going to try to sell you some magic herbal remedy. The answer to all your problems, all your woes and worries, your escape, begins with the letter F.

This four lettered word has a magic about it, it gives one an euphoric escape. It makes your heart race and can make you sweat profusely. It makes you giggle like a school-girl and makes your eyes roll back. It makes your toes curl and your spine tingle. It makes your eyes dilate, your world spin and makes you gasp.



Yes, you read that twice didn’t you? Film or cinema or the movies (no matter what you call it) is a magic pill that we all have access to. Whether it be at the local cinema, on DVD, on Netflix or even YouTube.

At 24 frames per second this optical illusion has captured the hearts and souls of generations. This optical illusion, set to scores as great as Mozart’s, has transported people around the globe, even into outer space. Whilst Virgin Galactic is still to prepare for take-off, films like Star Wars and Gravity have transported people into zero-gravity. We have been taken to and fro in time, shrunk down to the size of ants, relived the greatest battles of the world and met some of the greatest people on earth.

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It’s no wonder that this is a multi-billion pound industry. What’s probably more fascinating or rather scary is that there are people as great as Spielberg, Hitchcock and Woody Allen, waiting to be discovered. Their films may not break the bank at the box-office but they break boundaries and reinvent the film. I’d like to find these films and discuss them with you. I’d also love to just share the thrill of a car chase in a Hollywood blockbuster with you.

I want to look at films with symbolism and excellent acting. I want us to explore the social dynamics and phenomena showcased within. I want to be able to walk away from a film and feel that I was entertained but equally taught something.

Wherever you are from in the world, please join me. And if you have any input, queries or would like to join my film club drop me a line and we can find a perfect film together.

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Matthew Hoy is currently studying to become a Chartered Accountant. Despite the popular belief that accountants lack creativity, he has a creative side and is passionate about writing and inspiring people. He has a love-affair with music and weird novels. @Matthew_Hoy