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If you were a kid during the 80’s or just had access to re-runs and old movies then you may a child actor called Noah Hathaway.

As a young man he took on the role of the oft remembered Boxey on the classic science fiction series Battlestar Galactica. After finding mainstream success with this character Hathaway would go on to help shape the child hoods of many as the young warrior Atreyu in the much beloved family film, The Never Ending Story. Come on, who can forget that infamous scene in the movie between the young warrior and his horse? Not a dry eye in the house!

Hathaway made an impression with audiences in the US and Europe – but then he seemed to disappear. So here we are, trying to sleep and finding our brains unable to switch off, and wondering whatever happened to the 80s star from that show. The boy we remember disappeared after one quick Google search and the grown man who took his place could not be more different.

Noah Hathaway now

We are just going to say it: Atreyu all grown up is rocking his more mature looks and body shape – shedding the skinny waif look from his heyday and showing off a more masculine image – with just the barest threads of his pretty boy image still remaining, just below a few lines.

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With those guns and those tats, the now 42-year old actor seems to have perfected the punk rock DILF look – making us wonder if perhaps we should look back on a few more of our favourite stars of yesteryear. After all, it’s always fun to see who’s aged like a fine wine, and who’s aged like milk!

What do you guys think of the change from boy to man? Does the older more mature Mr Hathaway set your pulse racing? Let us know in the comments below.

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