Saving Mr Banks – Review

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Emma Thompson and Tom Hanks take us on a journey into the Disney workshop in Saving Mr Banks. This stunning piece of cinematography encapsulates the magic of Disney with the stark realities of life.

The film follows Mrs P L Travers (Emma Thompson) the famous writer of the Mary Poppins series of books as she travels to Los Angeles to discuss the possibility of creating a Disney film based on her books. She however does not take kindly to Walt Disneys’ (Tom Hanks) technicolour world of happiness and joy. For her life has been cruel and has made her bitter with age.

We learn about the roots of undoubtedly Disney’s greatest triumph and get a glimpse into the creative workings of this most famous studio. We come face to face with the sickeningly sweet man himself and learn that like a caramel, this sweetness comes after some discomfort. He has undoubtedly rid Mr Disney of the false pretense of fairies and cheap jingles. He has made this genius come alive and become human, not just a brand.

Mrs Travers is a role which was made for Emma Thompson. No one else could have taken on the role of arguable one of the best children writers of the century whose books held a grim secret of her past. She tackles this difficult role with poise and her lines are both witty and fun. By the end of the film though you shall see that all geniuses, including herself have “weird” and uncanny quirks.

The chemistry between Hanks and Thompson is beautiful and the way with which they together tackles their demons is both enchanting and touching. I love both these actors and so when I saw that they would be playing opposite one another my heart was set a-flutter with joy.

I truly loved this film and loved the way that it brought both tears to my eyes and a laugh to my heart. It teaches us that no matter the past, we can always rewrite our stories. That we need to forgive ourselves and rid ourselves of our demons. In doing so we shall be set free. We might cry when we lose our safety-blanket or our own “Mary Poppins”, but those tears like the rain which comes on the winds from the east will cleanse us and bring new life.

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