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Whilst LA is famous for the glitz and the glamour it has another gem. Annually it welcomes directors, film producers and independent documentarians from across the LGBTQ spectrum to present their films here in the home of the Blockbuster at the LA Outfest. This year’s line-up is as per usual a mixing pot of talent and creativity showing a unique side to the LGBTQ world, here are my 3 picks.

Bad Hair

Set in the impoverished slums of Venezuela we are taken into the dark crevices of one of these homes. Fear clings to the walls and the mildew reeks of disappointment. Here a young mother is encountered with one of her darkest fears, her son might be gay. Frustrated and scared she takes out her emotions upon her young son. Whilst her actions might seem rash, we feel for her. Her community despises the word gay and with the odds already stacked against her son’s future she has every right to be scared for him. This film will not leave a dry eye in the house. Equally it will maybe help you forgive that parent who is taking a while to warm up to your sexuality.

Quick Change

We are introduced to Dorina, an ex trans beauty queen turned overnight surgeon. Her fellow queens just want to feel beautiful and will risk everything to attain this. When Dorina’s mentor causes the death of a friend and client she is forced to re-assess her life. She knows how dangerous her job is, both to herself and the client, but the money is good. A moral dilemma is played out in the most unsuspecting of milieus. We are taught that beauty truly does come at a price…

Back on Board: Greg Louganis

Back on Board Body

This documentary introduces us to Greg Louganis, the original Tom Daley. Louganis tested positive for HIV in 1988 and later in 1995 spoke publicly about being HIV positive and gay. He sparked an interest inthis sport, not only due to his good looks but because he is the only male in history to sweep the diving events at two consecutive Olympic Games. This documentary takes an exclusive look at his life and trials. He truly is an icon for PLWHA and a role model for everyone.

So whilst these three may be nothing more than a splash in the pond, each of them take a look at extraordinary lives and showcase truly talented directors and writers. So if you have a chance, please watch them and tell us what you think in the comments below!

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