#WATCH: Jurassic World latest trailer

Samuel Alexander

Featuring more dinosaurs than ever before and Chris Pratt’s fine, shapely butt in some tight fitting jeans – there really is something for everyone in the latest Jurassic World trailer.

We’ve been waiting a long time for the future of the Jurassic Park series, too long some might say, and this trailer is an awe-inspiring, action pack reminder that the wait is nearly over!

Things are definitely going to be different this time around; the change in name was indication enough. This latest trailer has even done away with the classic Jurassic Park theme in favour of a more intense score, and you can see why – the stakes will clearly be higher, toothier and much more deadly this time around. And I can’t wait.

So rejoice dinosaur fans (and fans of Chris Pratt’s lovely behind), it’s nearly time for our scaly friends to be back on the big screen. With more prehistoric lizards than you can shake a severed goat’s leg at, this is one dino event that’s set to impress and savagely maim.

We even get a few glimpses of the all new super-dino this time around! Not so much that we can gaze upon its reptilian beauty just yet, we’re saving that dinogasm for the film. It’s a great move, considering so many film-makers are content to put all their best bits in the trailers these days. As our Chris says, whilst looking so effortlessly handsome, ‘They’re dinosaurs – wow enough.’

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We’re heading back to Isla Nublar – you remember the place, right? The island where the good Dr Hammond attempted to build a dinosaur theme park, Jurassic Park, and nearly (and successfully in some cases) got his guests eaten by the angry, toothy inhabitants, remember? Yeah, building on that success is Claire Dearing (played by the stunningly beautiful Bryce Dallas Howard, rocking the powerful woman-in-charge vibe) with Jurassic World.

I love it when characters in a film franchise don’t learn from each other’s mistakes, don’t you?

So, whether you’re a fan of dinosaurs, damn-fine derrieres (seriously, can someone agree that Chris Pratt should win every bum-related competition ever please?) or you’re a die-hard Jurassic Park fan (who isn’t?) that’s been dying for number four, Jurassic World will be the box office hit for you this summer.

Until then, here’s that amazing trailer for your viewing pleasure.

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