#WATCH: The Little Prince trailer

Samuel Alexander

It wasn’t all doom, gloom and heels at the 2015 Cannes Film Festival last month – from the director of Kung Fu Panda comes The Little Prince, based on Antoine de Saint-Exupéry’s 1943 novel of the same name, with an original new story to bring the classic tale to a new modern audience.

The film premiered at Cannes last month, though a worldwide cinema release has yet to be announced. For now, we have this lovely trailer and the hope that such a wonderful looking film just has to be seen by everyone!

Looking at the trailer you might be thinking Pixar, but you’d be wrong – The Little Prince is certainly a lovely looking film, but that Pixar-esque look does show a growing trend of CGI animated films all having a very similar look. When the CGI medium is constantly having the death of other forms of animation pinned to it, this might not actually be such a positive aspect.

What sets this film apart, however, is the stylised stop-motion segments that tell the story of The Little Prince – to elaborate on that, the film is effectively split. All the CGI segments of the film are an original framing story with the stop motion segments being based on the novel.

The story centres around ‘The Little Girl’ (all the characters are given titles rather than names, an interesting choice but fitting with the film’s title), a child prodigy whose childhood is entirely planned out by her controlling yet caring mother (Rachel McAdams) with very little room for friends. That is until she meets her new neighbour, ‘The Aviator’ (Jeff Bridges), who introduces her to the story of The Little Prince.

It looks like we’re in for a coming of age film, with lots of mention of ‘becoming a grown-up’ and how scary that can be. I can relate to our young leading character: growing up IS terrifying and watching animated kids films is definitely much more fun.

The film boasts a star-studded cast. In addition to McAdams and Bridges, James Franco, Benicio Del Toro and Ricky Gervais are listed in the cast among others. Considering that, it’s interesting that the film has had so little publicity and seems to be set for a limited release.

This certainly looks like one to keep an eye on for you animation fans. With CGI constantly labelled as the killer of all other animated mediums, this beautiful little piece that mixes both CGI and stop-motion will hopefully do something to lessen that reputation.

Plus, this film also marks the first animated feature adaptation of The Little Prince – and how cool is that? If that isn’t a reason to give this one a try, the beautiful presentation and cutesy story certainly is.

For now, take a look at the trailer and let it warm your heart with its charm.

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