Watch: Pitch Perfect 2 trailer

Daniel Wren

I have a confession to make. I love Pitch Perfect. As someone who can stand neither Glee nor High School Musical, nor any of those inspirational/didactic teen musical comedies, this is surprising – to me especially.

When my sister first suggested going to see the film, I instantly dismissed it as more of the same. But I actually loved it. Fat Amy was probably my favourite, followed by Cynthia-Rose, but I loved all the characters – save, perhaps, Beca, who just needed to get over herself.

Imagine how I felt, then, as I logged into Facebook this morning to discover the trailer for the forthcoming sequel! There are scarce details available from the trailer but we can see that all the original Bellas seem to be present – even the seniors who left after the last film. Yes, that means more Fat Amy and more Cynthia-Rose. Hopefully we’ll also get to see more of Chloe, Aubrey, Stacey, Lilly and the crew. Perhaps Jessica and Ashley might even get more than two lines this time, and we might get to learn a little more about Cynthia-Rose’s relationship with Denise.

We can also see that Bumper and Jesse will be in the film, plus a few other familiar faces. Which means there’s bound to be young love – but hey, this is Hollywood! Thankfully, Jesse barely gets shown in the trailer, so perhaps his role will be minor. Less love, more music!

Thankfully, this is only the first trailer, and there are going to be more before the film lands. That’s plenty of time to get us all excited about Pitch Perfect 2 … right?

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