Sir Ian McKellen backs Wonderkid

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When Sir Ian McKellen backs something you KNOW it is going to be good. That’s why when I stumbled upon this news story, I giggled with utter excitement – and no, not because it would feature cute boys in their football kit, but because it is a story that has long needed telling.

Wonderkid is the debut feature of Londoner Rhys Chapman, who sets out to take a closer look at homophobia in sport and the fear of coming out within such a testosterone-filled environment. With the Kickstarter video narrated by Sir Ian McKellan and filmed in Wembley Stadium, this looks like the humble beginnings of what will only become something great.

However there is a catch: we need YOUR help to bring this story to life and you can do so by popping over to the Kickstarter page and donating. Please be a part of the change that is sweeping across the world. If I might poorly attempt to use some football analogies – the ball is in your court now (oh wait that’s tennis… you still get the jist?).

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