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This week I have been hunting for 5 of the hottest tracks- scouring Spotify and stalking the airwaves so you don’t have to. So plug in your headphones, sit back and get ready to discover some fresh new records!


Kelela – ‘Guns & Synths’

After impressing both festival goers and music critics at the recent SXSW fest, Kelela is slowly but surely on the way up to breaking into commercial acclaim. ‘Guns and Synths’ follows the formula of many chart hits of the moment- mixing the heavy bass rhythms and moody vibes of the downtempo dance genre with a soulful R&B vocal to create a heady, laidback, downtown club- ready sound. This Maryland diva in training is definitely one to watch.

Foster The People –Coming Of Age’

It’s been a while since we heard from FTP, but understandably so- how exactly do you top ‘Pumped up Kicks’ (arguably THE soundtrack to the summer of 2011)?! This new offering could not have been named more appropriately; here we are treated to a very mature and sophisticated sounding Foster The People…a far cry from their juvenile and happy-go-lucky debut record.  It’s restrained, simple and executed with finesse.  Maybe not THE summer anthem, but a pretty good contender nonetheless.

Chet Faker & Flume ‘Drop The Game’

Not exactly fresh out of the musical oven, but this killer Aussie collaboration is slowly creeping onto the airwaves and into high street playlists; I myself hearing it and shamelessly singing along whilst browsing for jersey basics in H&M. Faker’s soulful drawl glides smoothly alongside the delicate electronic melodies provided by producer –on-the-rise Flume.  Despite it being primarily an electronic record, it definitely panders to a wider audience and definitely wouldn’t be a sore thumb in a BBQ playlist. I’d definitely recommend the EP ‘Lockjaw’ if this captured your attention.

Izzy Bizu – ‘White Tiger’

It’s not often you come across a truly beautiful, clean cut vocal which is an undeniable delight to listen to. Introducing Izzy Bizu…who earlier this week was announced as one of the Glastonbury 2014 Emerging Talent competition finalists. This stripped back track, featuring only the accompaniment of a lone piano and backing vocalists, wholly showcases Bizu’s stunning vocal range and technical ability through her jazz-inspired embellishments. The result is result is an infectiously happy track you can’t help but nod/toe-tap along to.

M + A – ‘Down The West Side’

Another act to make it to the final stage in the Glastonbury 2014 Emerging Talent competition that caught the attention of my eardrums is M+A- an Italian electronic two-piece who have already filled the support act slot for genre heavyweights Is Tropical and Mount Kimbie. ‘Down the West Side’ is ready-made summer soundtrack with a definite 80’s retro twang you’ll instantly grow fond of. Despite its obvious nod to days gone by, it’s still very ‘now’ …like if Hot Chip hijacked Majesticcasual.

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