7 of the Best New Songs – 2/8/2021

John Preston

Despite so many great tracks this week, John Preston narrows it down to his favourite 7!

L Devine, ‘Priorities’

Near Life Experiences: Part 1 collects previously released tracks from L Devine and also a handful of new songs of which Priorities is the best. Her wonky-pop has been refined somewhat over the past 18-months but she is still a name to look out for and when she hits as hard as she does here, L Devine is essential.

Torres, ‘Kiss The Corners’

Compared to its bigger, rocker moments, ‘Kiss The Corners’ is the one track from Torres’ excellent fifth album ‘Thirstier’ that rejects guitars in favour of synths and snares. Always a compelling songwriter and story teller, Torres hits her stride here but the whole album is well worth a listen.

Billie Eilish, ‘Overheated’

It was hard to pick a favourite from Billie Eilish expansive sophomore album Happier Than Ever, a record which is weighted slightly more towards introspective ballads than uptempo stompers and ‘Overheated’ still isn’t really that. Twitchy, spare and contained, Eilish continues to excel in this, and other, modes.

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LUMP, ‘Paradise’

A towering and majestic highlight taken from the beguiling second album by Laura Marling and Mike Lindsay aka LUMP. A disorienting and woozy exploration into the duo’s love of synths and electronica, ‘Paradise’ in particular demonstrates Marling’s commanding and satisfyingly theatrical pop abilities.

Bleachers, ‘91’

Jack Antonoff seems to be getting a bad rap of late, seemingly for being a decent human being and an accomplished, popular producer. His own musical projects have always been a passion play and can be somewhat hit and miss but ‘91’ (a co-write with literary star Zadie Smith) is baroque pop perfection.

Violet Chachki, Allie X,  ‘Mistress Violet’

It’s great to hear Allie X tell Violet Chachki to ‘shut up’ on this chilly and camp electro stomper – but Ms Chachki gets her own back for such insolence, of course. Unless you enjoy Trixie Mattel’s broad country stylings, then music from drag race alumni is generically predicable; this bucks the trend.

Cookiee Kawaii, ‘DISCO’

Cookiee Kawaii proves that her music is more than just TikTok fodder with an album that is spare, melodic and often sonically experimental. It’s hard to resist any song called Disco and Kawaii’s take is both subtle and commanding whilst still being fun, is it even disco? Who cares!

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