7 of the Best New Songs – 26/07/2021

John Preston

John Preston gives us his seven best new songs to start the week.

Molly Burch feat Wild Nothing, ‘Emotion’

Romantic Images, her third album, demonstrates another side to Molly Burch. Even though it doesn’t stray too far from her previous nostalgic, soul girl infatuations, there is an 80s sensibility that makes the likes of ‘Emotion’, an almost Daft Punk-esque tune on quaaludes, surprisingly contemporary.

Kilo Kish, ‘American Gurl’

‘American Gurl’ hisses and crashes its way around Kilo Kish’s strident vocals and is a welcome return to the art-pop savant’s world. After producing a set of brilliant EPs it’s time that we experienced another full length album from this fascinating and unpredictable artist.

Boys Noize feat Tommy Cash, ‘Nude’

Boys Noize always go hard and ‘Nude’ is no exception. Influences from techno, house and hard house are a constant in their work and the other track released here, ‘Xpress Yourself’, kicks the BPMs into even higher gear and is a demonic acid house track. Keep up if you can.

Indigo De Souza, ‘Hold U’

This is beautiful. Indigo De Souza has a voice that can offer many, different things and on ‘Hold U”, which breaks somewhat with her usual folky soundscapes, she sounds both paternal and blissfully seductive. Against a light but insistent groove dominated by a funky guitar line, ‘Hold U’ offers pure escapism.

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Soccer Mommy, ‘Rom Com 2004’

Soccer Mommy mixes her usual lo-fi, guitar led almost-pop with disturbing, blown-out electronic effects that seem to appear suddenly when for the best part they’ve been there all along, skulking in a corner. A brilliant songwriter and performer, ‘Rom Com 2004’ can only increase her appeal.

Tommy Genesis, ‘ A Woman Is A God’

An unexpected hi-hat infused house galloper from the queen of strip-club trap, Tommy Genesis. The refrain of ‘if a man is a man then a woman – a woman is a God’ is insidious and trance-like. Tommy Genesis suits this kind of anthem which will pick up the dance floor attention she deserves.

Patrick Cowley feat Sylvester, ‘Menergy (Purple Disco Machine remix)’

Staying surprising close close to the original, which only helps reinforce its timelessness, this Purple Disco Machine remix of Hi-Energy producer Patrick Cowley’s 1981 hit featuring the original disco queen Sylvester is unsurpassed in its brazen abandon.

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