7 of the Best Songs – 14 July 2021

John Preston

John Preston’s seven best new songs of the week include Kari Faux, Garbage, Megan Thee Stallion, We Made It, Class Actress, Marina and Slayyter.

Kari Faux, ‘Outta Sight’

Boisterous and then sweet and everything in between, Kari Faux sounds by turns both cold and blistering whilst rattling through the extremes of ‘Outta Sight’. A genuinely fascinating artist and one that is effortlessly going from strength to strength.

Garbage, ‘Wolves’

Shirley Manson and her crew return with Garbage’s seventh studio album No Gods No Masters. This is a record that has never felt so timely and will likely become their most loved for some time. Bristling with anger and confessional damnation, this is heady stuff indeed.

Slayyter, ‘Villian’

Slayyter has taken the appropriate elements used in her own music for some time now and has blown them up and then run with them, becoming a cheerleader in the hyperpop wave – a position deservedly held. Her debut album Trouble Paradise is out now and is a complete riot.

Marina, ‘New America’

Marina stumbled somewhat on her last incarnation as a sort of zen-lite pop philosopher but on ‘New America’ there is a clear lineage that links this to 2010’s brilliant ‘Hollywood’. Big and wordy and theatrical, this is a space that Marina fills so well that it’s great to hear her back at her best.

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Class Actress, ‘Saint Patrick’

Class Actress wont be hurried and listening to the results showcased on her luxurious and often haunting new EP, why have it any other way? ‘Saint Patrick’ is the most upfront and dance-led song here and makes for a droll and sophisticated banger – a loungey and decorous seduction.

H.E.R., ‘We Made It’

Self possessed, bolstered so high and with such grand aplomb, H.E.R.’s latest single is possibly her best ever with a performance that swaggers hard with confidence and ability. ‘We Made It’ leads an album release that surely will be one to cherish.

Megan Thee Stallion, ‘Thot Shit’

If 2020 was MTS’s year, where does that leave everyone else in 2021? Somewhat scared I would hazard a guess. ‘Thot Shot’ is an enormous grandstanding single of amazing awareness and comes with a video that will, accurately for once, be considered iconic years down the road. A huge, burning star.

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