7 of the Best Songs – 29 November 2021

John Preston

John Preston serves up this week’s seven best tracks.

Allie X, ‘Rising Tide’

Allie X has re-released her 2020 Cape God in customary deluxe mode and of the handful of new tracks offered, ‘Rising Tide’ is not only the strongest of the bunch but it’s also one of the best tracks in Allie X’s discography. A strong storyteller and compelling presence – more of this please.

Mr Twin Sister, ‘Youth Obsessed’

Mr Twin Sister like to hit and then swerve within genres, it’s somewhat of a surprise then that their new album, Al Mundo Azul, builds on the sound established on the record that proceeded it (2018’s Salt). Jazz-funk has expanded to incorporate sharp, day-glo disco and songs like ‘Youth Obsessed’ also demonstrate MTS’s warped pop edge.

KAYTRANADA (feat. H.E.R), ‘Intimidated’

Hearing H.E.R on a lightly cantering and hypnotic house track makes you wish she would visit the dance floor more often. KAYTRANDA provides an insistent and melancholic piano riff and the whole affair effortlessly oozes class and an after-hours beauty.

Sevdaliza, ‘The Great Hope Design’

Sevdaliza finally releases a fan-favourite that she has performed live now for a few years and the fury and menacing electronics remain not only intact, but strengthened. If you don’t already know Sevdaliza then best familiarise yourself; she’ll find you.

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St Etienne, ‘Her Winter Coat’

St Etienne released their tenth album this summer and it was experimental and abstract with only a smattering of Sarah Cracknell’s distinctly precise and immediately recognisable vocals. ‘Her Winter Coat’ remedies that somewhat with this spoken and sad song from their annual Christmas EP.

Dubstar, ‘Tectonic Plates (Dressing Up Mixshow’

When the Royal Vauxhall Tavern’s Readers Wives DJ duo step out to remix a track, then you know you’re going to be in for some synths and sizzles. With Dubstar also finding their electro pop feet again so elegantly this year, Tectonic Plates is an irresistible return to greatness.

Parris feat. Eden Samara, ‘Skater’s World’

The love child of Prince and SOPHIE – as imagined by peak-era Janet Jackson – might conjure up heady stuff, but ‘Skater’s World’ has an airy and a collar-popping energy that is subversive and innocent. It’s one of the best pop songs of the year.

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