7 of the Best Songs – 31 May 2021

John Preston

John Preston’s seven best tunes of the week.

Rochelle Jordan, ‘Already’

Rochelle Jordan understands how to produces seductive and inventive house music, rich with sharp melodies and relentless bass lines. ‘Already’ is a smooth dancer and the album ‘Play With The Changes’ deserves your urgent attention.

Lana Del Rey, ‘Blue Bannisters’

Very soon after her sixth album, ‘Chemtrails Over the Country Club’, Lana Del Rey returns with three new songs from another album Blue Bannisters, expected shortly. A restless and accomplished writer and performer, the title track is one of her best songs ever.

Claire George, ‘Northern Lights’

Claire George’s artful and satisfyingly eclectic debut album, The Land Beyond the Light, is now out. From it comes ‘Northern Lights’, a determined and wistful thrum of a song, be sure to give the rest a try.

Boyze Noize feat. Jake Shears, ‘All I Want’

Boyze Noize continue to make some of the most innovative and cheeky dance music around. Previously pairing up with the likes of Brooke Candy and Rico Nasty, Jake Shears in now the featured vocalist, a perfect fit indeed.

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Japanese Breakfast, ‘Savage Good Boy’

The third track from Japanese Breakfast’s upcoming album, Jubilee, proves that this album is going to be one of the very best of 2021. Everything has been turned up; the songwriting, soundscapes and stories are all so vivid and sublime.

L Devine, ‘Girls Like Sex’

L Devine returns with an immediate and amusing pop tune. I hope that soon we can hear a lot more from this artist who has a knack for spotting a solid groove and making sense of a cock-eyed and irresistible melody.

LPX ‘Reason in the Noise’

Ex MS MR vocalist, the new EP from LPX (aka Lizzy Plapinger) collects all of her recent material and includes a few new tunes of which ‘Reason in the Noise’ is the best. Maintaining the extraordinary energy and confidence she has maintained over the last couple of years, this is sensational.

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