7 of the Best Songs – 7 June 2021

John Preston

John Preston presents his 7 best tracks of the week.

Liz Phair, ‘The Game’

It’s been a long time between Liz Phair announcing that she was making an album (the first sessions with disgraced Ryan Adams scrapped) and Soberish finally emerging. Phair retains her louche, deadpan sensibilities with flecks of experimentation and a new wisdom that means the wait was more than worth it.

Tinashe, ‘Pasadena’

One of music’s biggest grafters, Tinashe continues to produce some of the innovative but commercially minded R&B music that should have made her a household name by now. ‘Pasadena’ seems to signal the start of a new era and the early signs are as good as they have ever been.

Wolf Alice, ‘How Can I Make It Ok?’

Wolf Alice have cleverly evolved and built on their sound over the course of three albums. In some ways, the surprise is that this single and the album that it’s from feature such beautiful and intricate harmonies and melodies. Powerful and fully realised, they are currently head and shoulders above the rest.

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Mykki Blanco feat. Kari Faux, ‘Summer Fling’

Mykki Blanco has found a kindred sister in Kari Faux and this wickedly catchy and boisterous bass driven duet is going to a highlight over the next few months. Potty mouthed and beyond wonky, ‘Summer Fling’ is the only thing you’ll need when the night is long and strong.

Baby Queen feat. MAYA-A, ‘American Dream’

Baby Queen already has enough fantastic singles for a greatest hits and ‘American Can’ is another one to add to that list. A razor-sharp lyricist with an instinct for a terrific pop-hook, it will be fascinating to hear how Baby Queen develops her craft over the next 12-months.

Laura Mvula, ‘Got Me’

One of the songs of the year now has a video, and Laura Mvula shows how much she is invested in her re-emergence – and reinvention – as a ruling pop queen beamed in from 1985. It’s always interesting to see an artist reveal another side to themselves and Laura Mvula is more than embracing the moment.

Jessie Ware, ‘Hot N Heavy’

This is almost too good to be true. Jessie Ware has already released one excellent album in the last 12 months and now she’s releasing it again but with new tracks that none of you probably deserve. ‘Hot N Heavy’ is exactly that and Jessie Ware effortlessly continues her reign as Disco’s new queen.

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