7 of the Best Songs – 24 May 2021

John Preston

John Preston lays out his seven biggest tunes this week to add to your playlist

Dawn Richard, ‘Boomerang’

Dawn Richard returns with her sixth album ‘Second Line’ which contains this, maybe her purest disco moment so far. A true visionary so don’t go expecting just more of the same on the magnificent ‘Second Line’, Richard doesn’t stand still for very long.

Róisín Murphy, ‘Hardcore Jealousy’

Róisín Murphy extends her excellent Machine and this manic drum and bass shapeshifter by long term collaborator Crooked Man, aka DJ Parrot, is the best remix on an album full of corkers. Dance with ya mum and get into the groove.

Sophia Kennedy, ‘I’m Looking Up’

Sophie Kennedy’s long-awaited second album ‘Monster’ is now out and it does not disappoint. Kennedy is one of several pop artists who is successfully bringing back a theatricality to the music itself, not just the looks.

Saweetie, ‘Fast (Motion)’

Electro charged and super slick, Saweetie does her own thing and brings it to the table with a massive thud. Her debut album ‘Pretty Bitch Music’ arrives next month and will undoubtedly be a wall-to-wall blast of samples and fun.

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Hard Feelings, ‘Holding On Too Long’

Joe Goddard (Hot Chip) and songwriter Amy Douglas have joined forces to become disco-house duo Hard Feelings. ‘Holding On Too Long’ is a house belter that understands and pays homage to the very best of the genre; long may the lineage prosper.

LUMP, ‘Animal’

Laura Marling and Tunng’s Mike Lindsay reunite for a second album as Lump, offering a chance to experience an art-pop sensibility and humour that is not usually displayed in their 9-5 jobs. Surreal electro with prog-rock leanings and Marling getting the giggles.

Remi Wolfe, ‘Shawty’

‘We Love Dogs!’ is another remix album that reimagines Remi Wolfe’s excellent EP from last year ‘I’m Allergic To Dogs!’ Tune Yards, Sylvan Esso, Kimbra and Hot Chip amongst others all muck in and this reinterpretation from Nile Rogers plays a funky charm indeed.

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