Adrian Younge & Souls of Mischief Team Up for New Single

Reggie Myers

Acclaimed producer Adrian Younge and hip-hop veterans Soul of Mischief released a new song last week titled ‘There is Only Now’ featuring Snoop Dogg off of their upcoming concept album of the same name.

When old-school hip-hop artists and up-and-coming producers collaborate, the results often vary anywhere from classic to epic disappointment.  Luckily for fans of both parties, ‘There is Only Now’ is a song which perfectly blends Souls of Mischief’s old school hip-hop sensibilities with Adrian Younge’s soulful rhythms.  On the track, the members of Soul of Mischief rap about overcoming obstacles and bypassing the naysayers in order to make love work.  The track is further assisted by Snoop Dogg who drops some life lessons for the listeners while giving some insights on how he thinks the main characters should handle their particular scandal.  Overall, the track is a solid offering that grabs the attention of listeners and draws them into the larger story Younge and Souls of Mischief are telling.

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There is Only Now will be Souls of Mischief’s sixth studio album and the second collaborative effort of Adrian Younge.  Last year, the self-taught producer and composer produced an album with another hip-hop legend, Ghostface Killah, titled Twelve Reasons to Die.  Younge is also responsible for the Black Dynamite soundtrack and other works that draw inspiration from old school 60’s and 70’s soul.  Souls of Mischief, on the other hand, are hip-hop legends with over 20 years in the game.  They are most known for their debut album and single ’93 ’til Infinity’ which was highlighted by The Source as one of the Top 100 Rap albums in 1998.  The group also founded a well-known hip-hop collective known as Hieroglyphics.

The setting for this concept album, which is set to be released on August 25th, is 1994.  Over the 19 tracks, Souls of Mischief will tell listeners a story inspired by a near fatal incident they were involved in that year.  Along the way, the group will rap alongside a legendary lineup of featured collaborators.  The album will be narrated by A Tribe Called Quest’s Ali Shaheed Muhammad, who will play an omniscient DJ at a fictional radio station in Oakland, California.  The album also features The Delfonics’ William Hart who offers his soulful vocals over ‘Another Side of You’, and Scarub from Living Legend trades rhymes with the group on ‘Stone Cold’.  The most interesting feature, however, will be Busta Rhymes who serves as the story’s villain, Womack, on ‘Womack’s Lament’.

If this song is any indication of what is in store, then listeners can be assured they are going to get a quality concept album, much like The Roots’ critically-acclaimed Undun in 2011.  After 20 years of making music, many artists struggle to maintain their quality of music in the industry.  However, it seems as if Souls of Mischief and Adrian Younge were able to create something that may not only satisfy the hardcore hip-hop heads but gain acclaim across genres.  Readers can check out the track list below.

  1. K-NOW Intro (feat. Ali Shaheed Muhammad)
  2. Time Stopped
  3. Womack’s Lament (feat. Busta Rhymes)
  4. Panic Struck
  5. K-NOW Interlude #1 (feat. Ali Shaheed Muhammad
  6. Another Part of You (feat. William Hart of The Delfonics)
  7. All You Got Is Your Word
  8. There Is Only Now (feat. Snoop Dogg)
  9. Meetings of the Minds
  10. K-NOW Interlude #2 (feat. Ali Shaheed Muhammad)
  11. Miriam Got a Mickey
  12. Stone Cold (feat. Scarub of Living Legends)
  13. The Synopsis
  14. Ghetto Superhero
  15. K-NOW Reprise (feat. Ali Shaheed Muhammad)
  16. Narrow Escape
  17. Finally Back
  18. The Last Act
  19. K-NOW Outro (feat. Ali Shaheed Muhammad)
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