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Poundcake is the sophomore album from the all around amazing, drag performer Alaska Thunderfuck. Alaska was a contestant of RuPaul’s Drag Race All Stars series 2, that is currently airing on truTV. Alaska has been a drag star who has taken on the world by storm with her infectious nontraditional take on drag.

‘The T’, Poundcake’s second single, is an honest autobiographical rap number. Alaska opens up about past relationships, Drag Race, her fans and most shockingly her other Queens. Check out the video below:

‘Slaytina’, a dance synth number with serious attitude that I’ll have on repeat, is the standout track on Poundcake. Listing all the best parts of the world’s biggest drag queens, from Bianca Del Rio, Raja, Katya and Willam, Alaska concludes ‘Slaytina’ with the hilarious line: ‘Breasts actually constructed from the tissue taken from Michelle Visage’.

‘Let’s Do Drag’ has potential single written all over it. With divine additional vocals from Lady Red Courture who carries the second verse with effortless vocals of a diva.

Drag royalty Jackie Beat features on ‘I Invented That’, a comical evaluation of all things drag. Beat claims she invented everything from big lips, back rolls, wigs and nails, but of course not RuPaul.

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Overall this album satisfies fans of drag. Alaska has created a collection of songs that are well-written and produced and demonstrates that this new Generation of drag performers are more than cheap wigs and bad makeup. Alaska is very aware of musical genres and dabbles in dance, hiphop, disco and even Country in the cheeky Southern treat ‘Race Chaser’. Other standouts that should not be skipped are the latin inspired ‘Come To Brazil’ and 90’s drum and bass knock off ‘Chicken’, featuring Miss Fame, which is nothing but pure genius.

Poundcake is out now on iTunes and All Stars 2 can be seen on truTV on Mondays at 9pm.

Rating 3.5/5

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