Adore Delano: Till Death Do Us Party – Review

Jake Basford

The new album by Adore Delano, which has already become number one on the US billboard charts and hit high up on the iTunes download chart, is like a mash-up of Azealia Banks’ Fantasea and Sharon Needles PG-13, making Till Death Do Us Party the most successful drag album since RuPaul. And the thing is – it’s annoyingly brilliant.

We got tipped off to the existence of Till Death To Us Party when we interviewed Adore Delano before the Drag Race finale earlier this year, but the review had to wait because this album has clearly got a lot of influences. The majority of the tracks are more spoken word, in a style reminiscent of Rhianna, than sung, and the whole album is very like PG-13 but substituting the spooky influences for the resurgence on the ghetto-rap that has been coming out in various forms over the past six months.

First stand out track on here has to go to ‘Calling All Goddesses’, which really shows off Adore’s vocal range (something not surprising since as a boy she was on American Idol), but with the kind of pump and volume of a Nicki Minaj track. Second has to be, ‘I Look Fucking Cool (feat. Alaska Thunderfuck)’ which is a dirty dance track that has the very essence of confidence, and the guest vocals of Alaska Thunderfuck is just an amazing ingredient into the mix with her faux femme meets 40 cigarettes a day sound.


For someone more into their rap, ‘Jump The Gun’, ‘Speak My Sex’ and newly videoed ‘D T F’ are probably more up there – pounding beats, brilliant vocal work, and synth electro all pull together to make pure brilliance. Other tracks include the euro pop sounding ‘Give Me Tonight’, more slowed down chill out tracks like ‘My Address Is Hollywood’, and, the clearly ripped from Katy Perry ‘Party’. This is very heavily influenced by modern pop, and you can literally apply artists to each track and say which influence what parts.

One thing about Till Death Do Us Party is that it shatters the illusion of Adore’s femininity – her look and style is very Katy Perry meets Lady Gaga, and when it is in a video, on TV or stage it totally works, but listening to some of the vocals, for example in ‘The Creeps’, it breaks that wall. Androgyny is not by a far a negative, but is something to be cultivated not tripped on.

With acclaim from gays the world over we are still waiting for whether the rest of the world is going to catch up but until then we will be happy just listening to Till Death Do Us Party. Coz it is pretty good.

You can buy Till Death Do Us Party on iTunes and Amazon now

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