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Electronic, garage and deep house duo Gorgon City comprise of Foamo and RackNRuin (otherwise known as Kye Gibbon and Matt Robson-Scott respectively) who have so far released two EP’s and are gearing up to release their debut album later this year. Their sound is particularly impressive, building on the success of other recent new English house acts such as Disclosure and Breach.

3-track EP ‘The Crypt’ was released way back in 2012 and features ‘Odyssey’, a slow-building house track that warps into a grungy beat with plucky strings. It’s a rather understated introduction to their sound but right from the off its clear that Gorgon City have incredible potential. ‘The Crypt’ incorporates more elements of electronic and includes a big dance backtrack as well as vocals from Navigator and Rubi Dan. The Jamaican vocals harshly contrast with the married garage and electronic sounds, but its fresh and certainly welcome. EP closer ‘The Truth’, featuring Janai is another slow-starter that bursts into a dub breakdown midpoint, something which got me personally incredibly excited.

Following this came the ‘Real EP’, featuring 4 tracks, in 2013. ‘Real’ is the first song from Gorgon City that screams HIT. It sounds like a 90s garage track, with gorgeous vocals from Yasmin over house breakdowns. Its certainly one to download. ‘Thor’ begins slowly and it certainly takes a while to kick in, but the simple beats are welcome although it would have been better had it featured some soul vocals. ‘Athena’ is a gorgeous track comprising of bouncy garage beats and little bursts of electric. Like its predecessor though, it would have also served well from having some vocals incorporated; this time rap or hip hop. But as this duo grow bigger more and more people will be wanting to work with them, so expect some big names on their album. Finally ’10 Below’ features soulful moans and cries of ‘yeah’ over bursting electronic mixes.

‘Intentions’, featuring Clean Bandit, has the potential to be a massive hit for Gorgon City, especially since the classic and house mashup band have just spent four weeks atop the UK charts. Perhaps Gorgon City should rerelease it? Or maybe that would be too obvious. But anyway, it really is sublime, comprising gorgeous production work from both groups. It reminded me of ‘White Noise’ by Disclosure last year in that it combines the work of two new groups that are sure to be massive, just as Disclosure and AlunaGeorge became. Again, download it.

Finally we come to ‘Ready For Your Love’, which recently reached number 4 in the UK charts. Like many of Gorgon City’s songs before it, it starts slow and features soulful vocals from MNEK. It reminds me of Azari & III’s striking only album (another band that deserves a listen!) in that deep house beats and soulful vocals are blended perfectly together. It is understandable why this song became as big as it did and after your first listen you’ll be dancing away when the beat kicks in. Guaranteed. The duo have also recently produced the Klaxons new single ‘There Is No Other Time’ which is sure to be another big hit. The production is on top-form and with the right promotion this song could help continue Gorgon Citys recent success.

Their production work is perfect, but Gorgon City need to enlist some equally good singers to catapult them forward. Hopefully their album will do this, and more. Expect the duos debut album later this year. ‘Ready For Your Love’ is available to download now.

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