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May Day is over and it’s back to the daily grind, the 9-5 (no, you won’t find any Dolly Parton here…), the monotony of everyday drivel. It’s a bummer. But it isn’t all that bad – there’s another bank holiday just around the corner (May 25, to be precise) so you’ll be falling into drunken debauchery again in no time at all.

To help cure the bank holiday blues, and to get you in the mood for the next one, I’ve compiled a playlist of some the biggest party jams to reach my ears of late. Click play and prepare to dance.

Britney Spears – Pretty Girls (featuring Iggy Azalea)

Dubbed ‘Fancy 2.0’ by many (and rightfully so, in my opinion), Britney spearheads her ninth studio album with ‘Pretty Girls’, an RnB infused electronic ditty about, well, being a pretty girl. Those claiming Britney lacks emotion in her singing need only look to this song, because Britney is firing sass in every which direction, and it’s a sound that suits her. She hasn’t sounded this good in forever.

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This isn’t Britney’s best song by far, but it has summer anthem written all over it. Iggy’s ‘Fancy’ was one of the biggest tracks of 2014 – I think she has a chance of securing one of the biggest tracks of 2015 too.

My only problem with ‘Pretty Girls’ is Iggy’s feature. She isn’t needed, and her ‘It’s Iggy-Iggs!’ is almost as grating as Nicki Minaj’s trademark ‘HUH!’ grunt she produces on EVERY. SINGLE. TRACK. Iggy – it’s time to drop the name checking.

Giorgio Moroder – Déjà Vu (featuring Sia)

Back in 2013 Daft Punk helped revive disco, and in turn their seminal Random Access Memories was helped by Giorgio Moroder – THE father of disco. The title track off of his new album Déjà Vu is old school and fresh simultaneously, bringing and age-old sound to newer ears.

Sia is on top form here. Her sultry vocals had me hooked instantly, and if this isn’t a huge club banger I’ll eat my hat (okay, I’ll purchase a hat, and then eat said hat). Sia has a knack for haunting songs and ‘Déjà Vu’ is no different. Her warbling’s will be stuck in your head for days after hearing this.

Disclosure – Bang That

Okay, so the first cut to be lifted off of Disclosure’s untitled sophomore album isn’t that great. It’s pretty naff, if I’m entirely honest, along the same veins as album fillers ‘Stimulation’ and ‘Grab Her!’ from their debut Settle. But, all of that aside, ‘Bang That’ deserves a listen simply because it’s so good to have Disclosure back on the scene. They have a lot to live up to, but I am confident that they’ll be able to.

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Hell, ‘Bang That’ grows on you eventually. After the fifty-sixth listen, to be precise. Disclosure’s trademark organic sounds and repetitive hooks ensure that this one will stick in your head – whether you want it too or not.

Fetty Wap – Trap Queen Remix (featuring Azealia Banks, Quavo & Gucci Mane)

For me, this song is all about AB. The rest sounds like generic hiphop and trap, but Azealia Banks’ feature is as fresh as ever. So, you wouldn’t be blamed for jumping immediately to the 1:21 mark.

Slick raps, layers of swearing, and her insatiable singing … AB, I know Broke With Expensive Taste was only released at the backend of last year, but I NEED a new album. It’s time to release Fantasea II: The Second Wave. 

Giorgio Moroder – Tom’s Diner (featuring Britney Spears)

The second listing from both artists, ‘Tom’s Diner’ is simplistic yet catchy, and it’ll have you bopping away instantly. Originally released by Suzanne Vega back in 1987, this disco reimagining is faithful yet fresh. Giorgio has taken what is regarded as a classic and made it his own. I am SO excited for his album.

Once again I fail to hear the apparent lack of emotion in Britney’s voice. Yes, she is auto-tuned to hell in every track she sings on now, but everything about her is recognisably Britney. If she was crooning and harmonising and screeching her way through a track to show emotion I’m sure people would complain, so just let her do her thang! (and just like that it’s 2002 and I’m listening to Britney’s ‘Boys’…) Hater’s gonna hate.

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Adam Lambert – Ghost Town

The debut track from Adam Lambert’s upcoming third album The Original High, ‘Ghost Town’, shows a lack of what made Lambert so compelling – his ridiculous falsetto, his campiness, and his rocklike nature. But with it comes a modernised sound, one which will hopefully penetrate the charts.

‘Ghost Town’ shows no signs of rock. It’s dance and house all the way through, and it’s for that reason why I am very excited for his new album. House is a genre Lambert has thus far avoided, but his voice suits the synths. I really hope the album has more similar sounding songs, albeit with campiness and rock.

Lost Hustle – Around My Mind

Still trying to get their foothold in the industry whilst working on new music, Lost Hustle prove that they deserve that chance. You’d be forgiven for having no idea who they are, but I am personally very excited about Lost Hustle. Following up their brilliant ‘Feels Like’, ‘Around My Mind’ combines impeccably polished production of huge drops and choppy synths, layered over soulful vocals. If you like house or dance, you’ll LOVE this track.

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