Bastille – Flaws – Review

Sean Ward
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2013 undeniably belonged to Bastille, the quartet seemed to appear from nowhere with their infectious mix tapes before following up with the number one debut LP, Bad Blood, which stemmed a string of huge singles and became the most downloaded album in the UK last year. Almost exact to the year of the debut, the band will continue the barrage of success with a re-release of their first charting single, ‘Flaws’.

This tenderly written track sways more into the indie pop territory and further from the bombastic electro vibes of ‘Laura Palmer’, ‘The Silence’ etc. However due to it’s infectious rhythmic beat and cult quality due to the loyal fan base, this song has became an anthem which the band often close sets on. The fragmented intro has evoked screams in various venues and the melodic spoken verse almost become chant like before the chorus kicks with that undeniable vocal, with the right amount of promotion I think this single has the potential to crack the top 20.

So far the boys are set to have equal success in 2014 after picking up their first Brit Award for British Breakthrough last night and having already been announced for a variety of worldwide festivals including Coachella, Parklife, Optimus and Boardmasters.

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