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Elliot Rose

On Sunday night, I was one of the lucky thousands at the o2 Arena who got to see the one and only Mrs Carter up close, working her diva magic. It was mildly life changing. Given Vada’s demographic, I’m sure you’ll agree that regarding the enduring love of Beyoncé, I’m very much preaching to the converted, so let’s all bow down and praise Queen Bey.

She is a shining lighthouse beacon of hope in a storm of homophobia, the Daily Mail and Katie Hopkins. Beyoncé serves to remind us that being a good person and working hard can get you a very long way, and that you can look pretty fierce getting there, as the latest album and tour offer the strongest set of looks we’ve ever seen.

I remember vividly the morning that the visual album dropped on us all. I had a pretty raging red wine hangover, and was awoken violently by one of my housemates diving into my room and screaming “SURPRISE. BEYONCÉ. COME QUICKLY.” For the next four hours, my whole house sat together, eating hangover pancakes and watching the visual album on repeat. It was the best day ever, and answered a question everyone has been asking for years: in a world where everything is instant, why should we have to wait for a video release date? Instead of the usual weeks (or months, I’m looking at you Lady Gaga) of hype and PR bullshit, here’s Beyoncé laying down a load of video content all in one blow.

The best part of the Beyoncé visual album is the instant access to the fashion looks that we’ve grown to crave. Whilst back in the day, some of her looks were slightly off – watch literally any Destiny’s Child video and you’ll see what I mean – Beyoncé has since grown into a fierce fashion goddess.

On the Mrs Carter tour, the costume situation is better than ever, with bespoke outfits by various designers making appearances. In true Queen Bey style, from night to night she’s been changing it up to keep audiences on their toes. Because, in a time when images from every night of every tour are routinely plastered across the internet, it’s good to keep things fresh so the media-saturated fans don’t get bored. With pieces from Atelier Versace (slutty), Tom Ford (sexy), The Blonds (showy) and Emilio Pucci (…tacky) the fashion is on top form.

All in all, for the Beyoncé fan who knows a thing or two about style, if you thought the album was good, the tour brings it to a whole other level.

Image – PictureGroup/REX.

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